Practice Makes Perfect {Think About It}

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Practice Makes Perfect

I seem to find myself teaching the kids this good bit of advice a lot recently.  At this very precious time in their lives, they are learning the value of doing something well, and the hard work it takes to accomplish something well.
I worry actually that if I become too slack, they will be too much like me – everything done will be only partly done, or only satisfactory instead of excellent.
I don’t want that. I want my kids to strive for excellence, and reach it. Because really, is it worth doing something if it’s only so-so?  We have this little sign hanging in the kitchen that the previous owners left. It’s a humorous, but also true.
I almost always look busy, or at least feel busy, because I’m doing too much only partway.  It’s time to focus and narrow down what I do.
Think About It!
I’m not saying everything has to be perfect all the time…because well that would make everyone go insane!  What I am saying is we should pick an area we want to excel in, and then go for it. Don’t settle for less than your best. Keep practicing until you are truly happy with what you’ve accomplished.
Think About It!
Why in the world is this the topic I’m thinking about today? A lot of reasons. It’s the product of my mind going 50 different directions and deciding that everything I was thinking fit under this one idea.
I’m tired of being a Jane of all Trades.
I want to hone my skills so when people ask me what talents I have, I can tell them instead of handing them a long list of things I enjoy doing.  We’ve had a couple discussions this year on talents and hobbies and the things we’ve given up as we became mothers. Those were some of the best discussions I’ve had around here, and I want to put them to use. So I’m not going to sit around wishing I was better, but I’m going to start changing; I’m going to be better!
Think About It!
I’m not going to give up anything I like doing, but I am going to have more of a focus. This year, I plan on improving my sewing skills. I’ve got the basic knowledge. I can make things that look nice – if you don’t look too closely.
Why this skill? Well, it seems to come in the most handy, and I know my kids will benefit from it. Actually, my kids are pushing me into it. It’s only April, but I already have 1 request for a Belle costume, 1 for a Tinkerbell, and another that keeps changing but I think is currently either Cinderella or Ariel.
It would be one thing if the Princesses asked me to buy them a costume.  It’s a complete different thing when they specifically ask you to make it. My kids believe I can sew these costumes, so I should believe I can too.  Kids are pretty amazing don’t you think?  They see where we can go and believe in us, even when we aren’t so sure ourselves.
Not to get ahead of myself or anything (though I have a habit of not sitting still), but once I master my sewing skills I plan to return to my artwork. I took some classes in college, and while looking back through my old work I realized I’ve got another little talent – one I completely forgot about!
Will you join me?
Pick an area of your life you’d like to improve. Reach for the stars and believe you can excel in it. Don’t give up, or move on until you have become satisfied with your accomplishments.


How am I going to achieve my goal?  First off, I need inspiration. I’ve created a little corner just for me in this house. Something I’ve never done before, and to be honest – I didn’t realize just how much I needed this space.
Next, decorate with things that will inspire you to keep striving towards you goal. For me that’s a wall calendar with different quilt patterns, and my college artwork. For you, it might be some quotes, books, or photos.

Make sure you have the tools to succeed as well. I have a very nice sewing machine Mark bought me a few years back. It hasn’t seen as much work as I would like, but that’s about to change. I am now saving up for a serger, because I know they can take my skills from so-so to amazing!  Sometimes all we need is a good teacher.  I’ve been browsing the sewing classes at Craftsy, and really think I may take one or two…or all of them. They even have free mini courses if you just need a little help to get started.
Finally – get to work!  Try to set aside time every day to practice and work on your goal. If not everyday, at least once a week! If you don’t make the time, it won’t happen.
What are you going to work on? Let’s encourage each other in the comments!
*This post contains affiliate links. All thoughts and opinions are my own. I share because I think these classes are great!

2 thoughts on “Practice Makes Perfect {Think About It}

  1. I have all of the stuff to paint a "family" tree on the corner of my living room wall. I'd had the stuff since Christmas. I would love to finally paint it up there and hang all of the pictures I have. Good luck on your sewing.

  2. I have a room where I throw all of my craft stuff but it's not organized and it's just a mess. I need to set it up so my creative juices can flow!

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