Prepping for Baby with WaterWipes and (5) $100 Walgreens Gift Cards

Prepare for baby with WaterWipes #WaterWipesWalgreens #IC ad

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There is a reason pregnancy lasts 9 months. It takes time to gather everything you need before baby enters this world. There is a lot to do, and nothing would stress me out more than going into labor knowing I didn’t have my essentials all prepped and ready.

Prepare for baby with WaterWipes #WaterWipesWalgreens #IC ad

People may assume that because I already have 4 kids I have everything I need for baby number five. However, I don’t. I actually don’t have a thing, and that kind of scares me. See after Lincoln was born, I knew we wouldn’t be having any more for awhile, if we had any more at all. Since Lincoln was born we have moved 5 times. Two of those times happened to be across state lines. There was just no way I could pack up all the baby stuff to take with us. 

So here I am with Baby number 5, and only five months left to get everything in order! This time around, though, I’m making different choices. I’m going to do things the way I want them. No fluffy extras, and just the basics. Those basics, however will be the nice things. Instead of going for the cheap diapers and wipes, I’m going with the nice stuff. 

Safely wipe baby with WaterWipes from Walgreens #WaterWipesWalgreens #IC ad

WaterWipes are my first addition to the baby stocking. You can’t have a baby and not have a stockpile of wipes. There is no anxiety like that of going to change a poopy diaper and finding the wipes are all gone, or dried up. There’s also so many chemicals in some wipes that just aren’t needed. I mean when was the last time you used chemicals on your skin? Why would we do that to our precious babies?

Prepare for baby with WaterWipes #WaterWipesWalgreens #IC ad

WaterWipes are 99.9% pure water and .1% grapefruit extract. You can’t get something more pure and perfect for safely cleaning up baby and all their toys. I found my WaterWipes at Walgreens, and so can you! In fact, Walgreens wants to help 5 people get ready for their babies with a $100 gift card! Check it out below! 


I-C will randomly select winners from all program entries and will facilitate fulfillment of the winning prizes (5 winners).


WaterWipes Walgreens Giveaway

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