Steps to Have a Productive Morning

Struggling getting things done? Follow these 4 steps and have a more productive morning.

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The sun is up, you drag yourself out of bed and realize you’ve wasted half your morning. It’s time to take a step back and start your mornings different. Here you will find 4 easy to follow steps to have a productive morning. This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you click on and make a purchase. 

Struggling getting things done? Follow these 4 steps and have a more productive morning.

I used to have a productive morning all the time. I have facebook statuses listing the myriad of household chores I got done all before 9 AM”! It seems the more kids I had and the more things I added to my plate, the less productive I became. 

I’m on a mission, yes even with a newborn, to get my productive mornings back. If I’m ever going to feel caught up and ahead of the game, it needs to start in the morning. Follow these steps and you can have a productive morning more frequently than not.

1. Resolve to Just Do It

I often told myself I would be more productive. I would get more done – tomorrow. Today was just too exhausting thinking about it. When you truly resolve to do something you stop putting it off until tomorrow. 

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2. Make a List

I was never really a fan of lists. Perhaps they reminded me of the list of chores my Mom would make for us as kids. They tied me down, kept me from exploring spontaneity. 
Here’s the deal. Not having a list of the things that need to get done will keep you scrambling to remember everything. When you scramble, forget and get behind you become more tied down and less spontaneous than a list could ever make you. I know – I’ve tried this method for the last 10 years. With a list in hand, you can get back to spontaneous activities in the free time you’ve opened up.

3. Give Yourself Time

You will mess up. Something will be put off until tomorrow and you will think you failed. However, you have only failed if you don’t try again. Go back to number 1. Make a new resolve, and do it all again. You can succeed at this!

4. Treat Yourself

Verbally or materialistically. Give yourself some kudos for a job well done, no matter how much you packed into your morning. Did you get that laundry list of household chores done by 10 AM? Pat yourself on the back. You could also take 30 minutes and do something fun you enjoy. Maybe you’ll be a rebel and have ice cream for lunch. Tell yourself you are amazing and own it. 

For non-morning people, this will take some time to learn and practice. Having a productive morning is not the easiest thing to implement, but with a resolve and patience, you too can have productive mornings. 

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