Project HEAL – Raising Awareness for Eating Disorders

Project HEAL

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About a year ago I came across Project HEAL. They had recently opened a chapter up in Utah, and I believe I saw it come through my facebook feed. I reached out to the Utah chapter to learn a little more and see if there were some volunteer opportunities. At the time I didn’t live close enough to get involved with any of their activities.

Then we moved.

So once again I reached out to them, in hopes of being able to volunteer. You may ask, why this group?  There’s plenty of other groups I’m sure I could volunteer with…and do, like the PTA.  Let me tell you why. Growing up I had a few friends that suffered from eating disorders, and since then I’ve known others close to me develop an eating disorder. I want to learn more and educate myself so I can help my friends and also my daughters.

As the mother of 3 girls, it’s important to me to be aware of any issues they may encounter in their lives, and to be ready to help them through anything. My children have different body types, different personalities, and different ways they react to situations. When our 5 year old began making comments about her sister being skinny and herself being fat, I knew we needed to talk. She is by no means fat, but her body type is larger boned than her sister. Our 5 year old also has a great relationship with food of all types, while her sister is much more picky and unwilling to give new things a try.  Neither of these are bad, but depending on the message I send to them, it could morph into an unhealthy relationship with food and with herself.

I’m a mom, and I have a responsability to my daughters to show them beauty and help them find the beauty within themselves.

I know there are many different reasons women and girls develop an eating disorder, but I feel one of the main causes is poor self image. With places like Hollywood showcasing size 0 women as the “perfect woman” or the “most beautiful woman”, it’s easy to believe that you are not beautiful. That you must lose insane amounts of weight to ever look pretty. You must have plastic surgery, take botox, eat nothing but water and fruit, take diet pills, and the list goes on.

Project HEAL is working on raising awareness of eating disorders. Their mission as seen in their logo is to “Help to Eat, Accept, and Live”.

Isn’t that awesome?  It’s OK to eat food. It’s OK to accept your body for what it is. It’s OK to LIVE and enjoy living!

I’m joining Project HEAL to help raise awareness, and educate everyone I can reach. Love your body. Love your curves, your imperfections. Enjoy eating food. Enjoy your body. Most of all Enjoy Life!

You can find me on the Project HEAL G+ page sharing inspirational stories, educational information, and more!

5 thoughts on “Project HEAL – Raising Awareness for Eating Disorders

  1. It's so frightening how the early the weight conversation starts with kids. Your girls are so wonderful together,, they are lucky to have a mom who is thinking about this topic. They will grow up with a good body image because of it.

  2. There is so much pressure for little girls to grow up too fast. The magazines and shows seem to target younger and younger. You are the best example for your children and eating meals together and serving good and healthy food and teaching respect for each other and themselves. It is so important that they know they may be able to talk with you.
    Blessings dear. Catherine xo

    1. I am such a strong proponent for family dinners. We only eat in front of the tv one night a week, and it's still as a family (pizza night). I really hope they will always keep communication open with me.

  3. It took me two years to stabilize weight, and now I am working on intuitive eating. Every day in refeeding it feels like you are going against law, against everything you know. You come out a different person, and it is the scariest thing I have ever gone through. It is also thd best thing I have gone through. I truly found myself for the first time and formed bonds with others who shared my pain.

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