Protect Your Home {Guest Post}

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Protecting Your New Home

Protecting your new home can be a process that
has lots of aspects, especially protecting it from harm in times when losing it
is not an obscure possibility but a very real danger. Hence having an idea of
the different ways you may use in order to enhance the security of your new
home should be of a high importance for every household.                                        

Buying a home is probably the most precious and expensive
purchase you have to make during your lifetime, so why not take into
consideration the following ideas, which are a summary of the most common
believes and practices that remained from the old-times until today and that
meant to protect you from any bad fortune.

The only
shortcoming of these tips is that they can not be hold responsible for not
paying the mortgage.

Everyone who is on a quest for the perfect
new house, but still has not found it, should take a note of the next advice,
which says to send your favorite cat first in order for it to do the
investigation of each new place and judging by its reaction, you will
understand whether to buy it or no. If it leaves the house right away, then
this means that the place does not have good vibes and luck, so it would be
better to move on and find another one. But if your cat stays for some time,
you can feel free to make an offer right on the spot.

The other tradition can be useful for people who are having
problems with selling their old home. They are advised to bury a figure of St.
Joseph (symbolizing the carpenter, husband of Mary and early father of Jesus)
in their yard. But avoid placing him facing the street since that will bring
fortune to someone else.

After you have chosen the right place and finished with
removing your stuff by using the proper removal services which will definitely make
the entire process less stressful, and you are ready to finally move in, you
should look out for bread, rice and salt left by the previous owners for you.
But if you can’t find any of these, you can assure your new luck in the new
place by carrying them and a new broom with you the first time you enter the
house. You shouldn’t take an old broom in a new home as that is considered a
personification of everything negative from your old life. You can also
sprinkle salt all over the house, including the door sills, for keeping the
evil spirits away.

The actual date of your removal is something that have to be
considered carefully, according to the old practices, as you should never plan
it for a day when the moon is waxing, or on Fridays, Saturdays or rainy days.
It is good to know that Thursday is thought to be the best day to move in,
according to the Indian traditions.

Poking the fire is also meant for bringing luck even though
today it’s harder to be done as most people have central heating systems. But one
practice that you can remember is that when you leave the house you just moved
in for the first time, you should do it through the same door you entered it or
else you won’t settle in it.

If a friend gives
you knives as a present for your new home, do not accept them or at least give
him/her a coin if you do not want your friendship to be over.

There are many available traditional and
non-traditional ways for bringing good luck in your living space or protect it
from the bad one, so whether you will take these traditional practices
seriously or not is totally up to you.


Author Bio: Hello. I am Grace Bailey – a desperate housewife, dreamer and
content writer. You can visit me and read more tips and ideas at
. Stay tuned
for more!

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