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I can’t believe I’m going to have two kids in school this year!  Where did the time go?  Princess V is headed to first grade and Princess C to Kindergarten.  With a first grader, it means I’ve got to think about school lunches now. I’m not big on getting school lunches – so for the most part she’ll be taking a pack lunch. Of course, I’m sure we’ll periodically let her eat at school, I’m not that set in my ways. It will just be reserved for special occasions.

School starts tomorrow here!  Where did our summer go? I had all these fun plans, but I don’t think we got to any of them. We did however move, and are still settling in. Unpacking has been put on a slight hold though, while I get ready for the girls to start school. We’re pretty lucky here in that the elementary schools provide all the supplies, so we didn’t have to purchase anything for the classroom. That left me with a nice little budget for school lunch items. Even better, was while we were unpacking I realized we bought some tubs that would be perfect for storing all our lunch items – making it a quick and easy job to pack lunches.

I’ve got one more container I need to unpack, and then I’ll really be ready. But right now this is going to get use through the first week or two of school. I’ve left sandwich stuff, and fruit and veggies out of them for now, but in the future I’ll put the bread and peanut butter and honey into it’s own tub. For now this is what I have.

With Mark working a regular 9 to 5 type job now as well, I get to make him lunches as well. It makes me excited!  This makes it both easy for me to make lunches, but also for Mark to grab a lunch in case I forget, or am not feeling well (as was the case this morning).

I’m stuck on ideas other than sandwiches (and I need to figure out if we have a no peanut policy at our school), but after browsing pinterest, I know I’ll be able to make some awesome lunches for Princess V this year. Peanut Blossom’s 30 days of lunch ideas is going to be my first stop before the next grocery trip I make.

How are you getting ready for back to school?

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5 thoughts on “Quick and Easy Pack Lunches

  1. I love the idea of storage tubs to keep lunch items ready at all times! I have no idea where the summer went either, it always goes by too fast.

  2. That is really smart to separate the lunch items into tubs. It would make packing lunches so much faster! I don't go to school but I do tutor a 10th grader so I need to figure out our tutoring schedule!

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