Rainy Day Fun with Rany Zany

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I love playing in the rain, and so do the kids! It’s been quite stormy around here this week, but once the downpour let up for a bit, we headed outside for some rainy day fun. It was the perfect time to try out Prince L’s new RanyZany boots.
RanyZany boots make rainy days fun and comfortable (ad)
We live just a bit down the road from a water overflow area (what is that called?!). So when the downpour really hit, it filled fast; and then it overflowed down the stream and into the road. Prince L and Princess R were in little kid heaven. With water almost up to their knees, they had fun wading around and puddle jumping. 

Puddle jumping with RanyZany Boots
We most definitely filled the boots with water in this puddle, but because they have removable sole inserts, I wasn’t too worried about that. Instead we got to focus on the fun of puddles, and the great outdoors. After this puddle Prince L took a moment to pick some flowers for Mom. 
Flowers for Mom
You guys!! This kid is so dang adorable when he smiles and is having fun. I need to remember that when he’s whining for me to hold him all the time. In case you’d like to get this outfit for you child, the shirt and shorts are from Osh Kosh, and the boots – well they’re from RanyZany! It’s a little boy’s dream outfit (and moms too!). Everything is comfortable, full of color and just plain fun to play in.
pooh Sticks
Oh nope, those flowers weren’t for me! It’s OK, because playing Pooh Sticks in the gutter is pretty fun, and puts a smile on my face just as much as getting flowers. 
How do you play in the rain?

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