Rearranging Furniture

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If you came around facebook yesterday, you may have seen that I decided to rearrange our furniture. See we….Mark…decided to buy a massively huge desk from some friends. I mean this thing is big! We brought it home, and just tossed it in the family room while we decided where to put it.

After spending the weekend ignoring it, and using it to pile random bits of stuff on, I knew we needed to make a decision. Mark told me to go ahead and rearrange and he’d be surprised when he came home from work. Surprise surprise! He normally likes a bigger part in these decisions. I was excited to get started, but also knew it was going to take the whole day.

I thought about taking this picture after I did a general clean up but decided I would feel better seeing exactly how much cleaning and rearranging I did from start to finish. So, here was my challenge – pick up toys, and rearrange literally every piece of furniture in our family room.

FYI – that’s 17 boxes full of books behind the chair in the corner. Boosh! Moved them all downstairs to the storage room. One of these days we’ll get some bookshelves again.
Oh, and the desk holding the computer here, yeah it went to the basement as well. I did it, me, by my lonesome. Talk about some muscle building! And score one for me – no holes in the walls, and no broken bones!

Is the suspense killing you yet? Did you spot the new desk? Up there on the left – that thing weighs a ton, but not nearly as much as the piano hiding behind the chalkboard….

Alright alright, check it out!

So what do you think? I personally am loving it! The immense space I have at the desk is just divine. I feel like I can actually work here now.

Don’t you all worry now, I did wait for Mark to help move the piano. Well, alright I tried to move it on my own, but I couldn’t budge it. So much heavier than the desk.

2 thoughts on “Rearranging Furniture

  1. I love it! Is the gray couch in front of the fireplace opening? I can't tell from the picture. This room looks functional and inviting now. Good job, Adelina!

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