Rebekah Grace The Practically Perfect Princess {Book Review}

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I came across Rebekah Grace The Practically Perfect Princess Blog during the Ultimate Blog Party.  Having 3 of my very own practically perfect Princesses I was hooked. As I browsed their blog I learned that the blog was just an addition to a new children’s book!  I got even more excited when I learned the authors were looking for some reviewers. I had to jump on board.

About the Book:  Rebekah Grace is a charming 3 year old trying to learn the Princess Rules. There are a lot of Princess rules though, and sometimes it’s hard to remember them. I love what the authors have to say about their book “Why is she only practically perfect? ALL little girls are Princesses, no matter who they are, but that doesn’t mean they have to be perfect.  Sometimes, even Princesses make mistakes.”
About the Authors: Sisters Jennifer and Nicki are former princesses turned Queen Mommies raising princesses of their own. Jen began the book without hope of it ever being published, when Nicki jumped aboard and decided together they would make this book available for all practically perfect princesses and their Queen Mommies. Jennifer is Queen Mommy to 2 Princesses and a Prince, while Nicki is Queen Mommy to 2 Princes and a Princess.
My thoughts: I just love this book. The cute drawings pull you in to the fun life of Rebekah Grace. The story line is simple and perfect for my little Princesses, but the pictures add so much more to the story that is not written. I could easily relate to many of the situations Rebekah Grace found herself in as she tried to learn the Princess Rules.
What did the Princesses think? They loved it. They thought Rebekah Grace was cute, and enjoyed laughing over her little antics.
This book is perfect for newborns and up! You can buy it in hardback or kindle edition here.
Follow Rebekah Grace and more practically perfect Princesses on the official blog here
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If you live in or near Tuscon, Arizona
You can meet up with the authors for some fun Princess activities at Mildred and Dildred.
This Saturday (tomorrow June 23rd) from 10:30-11:30 am
I wish I lived closer so I could take my Princesses to this event! 

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