Ways to Remember General Conference

Helpful ways to remember general conference year round

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Helpful ways to remember general conference year round

Every 6 months, we get a special spiritual boost during General Conference. However, it’s easy to forget those special messages that touched our hearts as the months go by. So, just in case you’re like me, and you’re already feeling bogged down by the daily grind, here are some suggestions of ways that you can cherish the inspiration from General Conference all year long (…or at least until April’s conference!)

Ways to Remember General Conference

Create a List of Your Favorite Quotes

This is probably something that you should do in conjunction with any other one of the following tips. Many people simply adopt quotes from Pinterest, or bring them home from Relief Society class. Often you can find quotes that speak to a certain focus online, like this collection. However, the exercise of selecting your own favorite quotes and putting them in a list makes it a lot more personalized and effective. Browse through the October Ensign and highlight lines that feel important and significant for you, and then copy them down somewhere.

Memorize a Quote

It’s very likely that you’ll have moments now and then where an uplifting message from an apostle could really do you some good, but you won’t have your list of favorite quotes with you. In those moments, having the words of prophets and inspired teachers saved in your own mind can help you adjust your view and remember to draw closer to Heaven.

Helpful ways to remember General Conference year round.

Mirror Notes

It’s hard to avoid the mirror in the morning – even if we want to! While we brush our teeth, fix our hair, and put on our makeup, we usually watch ourselves in the mirror. Well, your mornings might go more positively if you had an inspiring message to mull over during that time. Consider posting quotes from one of your favorite General Conference talks up on the mirror. You can either write them with dry-erase markers, or you can print out the quote and tape it up.

Phone Background

Have you ever tracked how many times you check your phone each day? Odds are, it’s the first thing you look at in the morning, as the alarm goes off. And it might just be the last thing you look at at night. Numerous graphics are available online with artfully arranged text quotes. Or, if you want to have it more personalized, consider creating your own graphic.


Want to bring the quote to the top of your whole family’s mind? Well, there’s nowhere that we gather together quite like the refrigerator. While it’s true that things displayed on the fridge can quickly fade into the background and get ignored like white noise, changing the display now and then will re-draw people’s attention so that they’re reminded throughout the day which things are truly important.

Helpful ways to remember General Conference year round.

Listen to a Talk

Again, while you get ready in the morning, this could be a great time to re-listen to a talk each day. Conveniently timed around 5 minutes each, and easily available online, these talks are a perfect way to focus your mornings. This is especially helpful for people who have a hard time finding time for morning scripture reading. You might even listen to the audio during your morning commute in the car, or during a walk in the morning.

Create a List of Goals

I think that the single most effective way to keep General Conference present in our lives throughout the year is to act on the inspiration that we received during the conference. In order to listen more purposefully, consider leaving room at the bottom of your notes (or if you’re not a note-taker, maybe this is a great way to start) for you to write a goal, or two or three. You might even find that this is a new way to do something akin to New Year’s Resolutions, except that these happen twice a year and they have the spiritual jet-fuel propulsion to get you moving. Make sure that these goals are simple and that they don’t rely on any external factors. Instead, they’re simply things that YOU have the power to enact in your life.

What kinds of things do you do to remember the messages from General Conference? Share your best tips below.

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