Renew Family Game Night with Activision #ATVIFamGames

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This Tuesday join in on Activision’s Family Game Summit.  If you live in or around New York City, you can attend the LIVE event!!  (and they even have childcare provided!)
If like me, you live on the other side of the country, you can attend the event online.  How cool is that?
In case you can’t read all that tiny writing, here is what you need to know
RSVP/Register online at
Date/Time: Nov 13th at 1pm. If you’re going in person, the doors will open at 12:30.
Located: Metropolitan Pavilion, 2nd floor
Online? Follow @ATVIFamily  and #ATVIFamGames
Hope to “see” you all there next Tuesday! Let’s bring back family game night!

I personally love family game nights. My family could always, and still is found sitting around the dinner table playing games. Some of my favorites as a kid were scrabble, Parcheesi, clue, and snirts.
I’ve found it difficult to play games with my kids now, though, because of their age, and desire for more technology.  Our oldest loves playing on the Wii, and at 6 years old, is pretty good at manipulating the remote.  Our 4 year old loves computer games (we like starfall, and PBS kids).  What I really love though is that they all like to play together. Even if they only play one at a time, they will gather around and watch and wonder when it will be their turn. I’m hoping to learn of some more kid friendly games that my kids can all play together, as well as ways to get the whole family in on some fun!

Do you have a family game night?  

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