Rethinking Bath Time

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We are all making new years resolutions. We want to lose weight. Eat more healthy. Organize our home. Be more kind. Be a better Parent.

The last one, be a better parent, is always on my new years resolution it seems. I always want and need to be better with my kids. During the year I tend to lose sight of what’s really important. Oh I have my core parenting values and ideas, but sometimes it’s the simplest of things that get lost in the hustle and bustle.

For a long time now I’ve viewed bath time for the kids as a chore. It’s something that has to be done, but can take a lot of time out from anything else I need or just plain want to do.  I started scheduling baths out like a chore – everyone bathes on Saturday to be clean for church on Sunday, then we’ll switch out days during the week, but if someone is especially dirty it will be their night to bathe, and we’ll reschedule the week.

The problem with that scheduling and thinking, was it never worked like I wanted. I still didn’t look forward to getting the kids bathed.  It really hit me when Tickle Toes sent me a soft hooded bath towel to review and sounded so pumped in their emails – I was thinking about bath time all wrong. When did I forget that this was time to reconnect with my kids each day? The dirty kitchen could wait, but my kids were growing every day. At the end of this year I will have an 8 year old – I can’t hardly believe she’s even 7 right now. It’s true what they say – you blink and suddenly your kids are all grown.

I have spent the last month rethinking our bath time routine. How could I use this time to relax and just spend some time with my kids, as kids?  
 I was hoping I’d have this awesome list of ideas for you to retake bath time, but I don’t. It’s as simple as 
  • Putting down the phone or book
  • Ignoring the clock
  • Grabbing a toy
  • and making believe. 
Instead of rushing through soap, shampoo, rinse, get out. I let them enjoy having fun in the water again. Instead of sitting idly by, lost on my phone in facebook and begging them not to splash water, I grabbed some toys myself. 
When you spend time interacting with kids on their level, following their lead – you may just find your inner child again. 

After bath time is fun too, especially with the Tickle Toes hooded towel. It is a nice soft towel, with bright colors, and a plush hood. After having so much fun together in the tub, she loved getting wrapped up in her new towel and refused to get dressed. Instead of becoming impatient, I let her still be a kid, and just relax in the comfort of a warm soft towel.

Princess R loves it so much, she has started wearing it all the time including wrapping up in it in her bed for a little extra warmth every night.

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