Roger Nix, President at Six

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This just came to my attention and I couldn’t not post about it!  A new childrens book is in it’s final stages (61 hours at the moment) of being published and needs your help! 

Roger Nix, President at Six is about a kindergartener who decides to run for president against Old Man Plee. Old Man Plee’s plan is to shut down schools and send kids to work in factories.  Read the following excerpt and I think you’ll agree it’s a book that needs to be published!

“Kids need their KID-ness, and summer vacation,
And cool superheroes with awesome mutations!
They need paste and paper and cardboard juice boxes.
They need dogs and worm guts and striped baseball soxes.
They need, most of all, their imaginations.
Let grown-ups worry about jobs and bus stations
And traffic and stock markets, 401(k)s
If that’s how a grown-up spends his or her days.
Because, as you know, kids turn into teens,
And teens go to college and come out Marines
And doctors and shoe-shines. Adults, every one.
How can you de-kid your daughters and sons?”
To pledge your support and help author Nick Daze publish this phenomenal book head here
*All opinions are my own. The info was provided through a contact.

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