Salt Lake Comic Con with Kids

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A week ago, Comic Con came to Salt Lake City for the first time.  This was an event I thought I would never go to. I grew up loving Star Trek with my dad, and the original Star Wars movies. But for me it was just something fun to watch with my family. It wasn’t until the last few years with Mark that I’ve really gotten into some other shows, and superheros with the kids.

So when my sister purchased tickets to Comic Con, Mark started talking about how much he’d love to go. I did some budgeting, and decided the experience would be fun, and something the older girls would remember. We hadn’t done anything big for the family in a long time, and plus, the kids were completely FREE. So really why not go?

For the most part we let the kids decide how they’d like to dress up. We took Princess Peach, a Minion, a Japanese girl, and Avatar Korra. 

We got to Salt Lake 30 minutes before the doors opened, and let me tell you, I’m so glad we did!  Because we hadn’t pre-registered we actually got into a shorter line where we needed to get our wristbands. We met some fun people in line. Once we had our wristbands, the doors had opened, so we did not have to go back outside into the hot sun. We were able to just walk right into the booth area. After a little walking around some booths, we heard there was going to be a puppet show in one of the theater rooms. Well that did sound like fun for kids, so off we went.

These guys were funny. The girls were entranced, and I had a good time sitting in a comfy chair. Mark was less than thrilled with the puppets though, so he took our little minion and went to browse more booths and see some celebrities. 
There were a couple of celebrities I had wanted to go see, but lines were pretty long, and the kids could only stand in so many lines while keeping my sanity intact. So we did what was fun for everyone. 
After the puppet show finished we went to find Mark and the Minion. On our way we stopped to say hi to a couple of our favorite characters – 
This girl really had Avatar Korra’s outfit perfect. We were impressed. 
Princess Merida was so friendly. While lost in a sea of people, and Peach begging to buy all the Mario figurines we saw, Princess Merida came up to us and told the girls how beautiful their outfits were. Then asked if we would like to take a picture with her. Well, I wasn’t going to refuse that. 
Not the greatest picture, but I was fumbling, and somehow ended up with most of it in video instead of picture. Whoops!
Once we found Mark, the girls were pretty hungry, so we grabbed some slightly overpriced pizza for lunch, and sat with a couple of Gandolf’s. Then it was back to the booths, and my personal favorite, whole reason I wanted to go to Comic Con – The TARDIS.
While standing in line for our picture with the TARDIS, I told Mark that if I got inside that box, he might not get me out. He must have thought I was serious, because I never got to get inside. Not even a little peek. I rubbed shoulders with it though, so I guess that will have to be good enough. 
After we saw the TARDIS, it was time to go. There was much more I would have loved to see, and people I’d have loved to talk to like Henry Winkler, aka The Fonz. But the kids needed to get out, so we headed home. As we left, we noticed the doors had been closed to more attendees, and there were A LOT more people outside waiting to get in. So much that they were starting to spill into the road, which in downtown Salt Lake City, not very safe.  Unfortunately the building was at it’s max occupancy so the Fire Marshall had the doors shut. Next year, I’m sure the organizers will be better prepared for Utah’s huge fan base.
We are looking forward to coming back next year, but may stick to just Mark and I, and possibly the 2 older kids as well. 
Have you been to a Comic Con?

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    1. Diane, yes it is Doctor Who's phone booth, aka The TARDIS. I started watching a couple summers ago and was hooked. I finally got Mark to watch this last season and he enjoyed it too.

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