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We had so much fun yesterday celebrating Earth Day!  Despite what the weather said it was going to be (rain, snow, all over yucky) it was quite sunny, with just a little nippy wind.  So of course we spent a good portion of our day outside.  
We started the morning off with blueberry muffins, orange slices, and some bacon
Then we went out for a walk.
We spent the rest of the morning putting peas in the garden and just enjoying the sunshine while it lasted.  Also as part of Earth Day we turned the heater down.  It’s still been pretty cold here, but there’s nothing wrong with walking around in a blanket to conserve some energy.
The afternoon was spent getting ready for today. The baby turns 1 today! I can’t believe how time flies.  We’re still trying to move in, so I had some serious cleaning to do.  We still need to hang pictured today, and break down some empty boxes (which we store and use as needed, no sense in throwing them away!).  I’ll get some pictures up soon of our Family Room (or Hall as hubby wants to call it) as soon as we get the pictures on the wall.
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