Saturday Thrift Finds

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We had a very lazy Saturday! I took one Princess and did some grocery shopping, and Mark took the other 2 and got some school work done. Just before lunch a couple came over to look at our Breakfast Nook. They’ve just moved up here to go to college, and were in need of some furnishings.  They were so sweet and friendly, and so in love with my breakfast nook.  If I had to sell it (and I did have to) it was a couple that loved it like I did who I wanted to have it.  YAY! So we made some money off of that, and Mark immediately decided he wanted some chairs for our new kitchen table.  We’ve been using folding chairs. Besides being kind of ugly around a kitchen table, they weren’t all that comfortable or safe with kids climbing all over them. So I sent Mark to the local thrift store, Deseret Industries, to see what he could find. I suggested he look for a small couch as well to give us some seating in the family room.With only spending $10 more than we made off the table, he came home with some chairs that look like they were made for our table, and a corner piece from a couch sectional, that is extremely comfy!

$20 deal on the couch! Mark and I fit perfectly for some late night cuddling by the fire.  I may find myself sleeping on this as the pregnancy gets more uncomfortable as well. Yeah it’s THAT comfy!

$10 deal per chair, and we got 4! They are slightly lighter than the table, but not enough to matter. We sat down for dinner, and again the level of comfort rose so much! Mark even hung out after he was done eating for some good family conversation. These plus the folding chairs gives us enough chairs to have company over as well!

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