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Clear Flowers Vase
It seems everywhere I look these days there is a new deal site popping up.  There’s totsy, zulilly, groupon and more.  Have you seen the deal site  Savemore ?  I haven’t actually found a site I really liked, or a deal I just had to have yet. My friend told me about Savemore though, and I thought I’d give it a try. Until today, none of the deals were very appealing to me, or were at a price I could afford even with the deal.  Today though, I just had to share this deal with you!  
You can get 2 vases from The Vase Store for $6. Each vase is normally $6 so you are getting 2 for the price of one. Or you can get 6 for $14.  Not only are these vases cute, but they are collapsible! You really don’t want to see all the room my vases take up. Having a collapsible vase would save so much space in my cupboard!  The Vase Store makes there vases out of durable plastic. You just add the water to expand them, and it holds them down. When you’re ready to put them away, just rinse with soap and water, let air dry, and fold away.  
Plus, these things are going to be unbreakable! Ok, I’m sure they can break, but if my children knock them off a table, I’m not going to be worried about glass shards lining the floor, and worrying if I missed any little pieces. Another plus to these very cool vases!
Now personally I don’t really need another vase in this house, but I could get rid of some of my older vases, and replace them with these. Plus I think they are going to make some very nice Christmas gifts to my mom friends!  Head on over to SaveMore to get this deal! 
(Did I mention the free shipping? Whether you buy the 2 or the 6 you also get free shipping!!! Now that is a deal that can’t be beat!)

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