SaveMore Reusable Bags 50% off!

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Flower Tote Bag
Today’s deal is for your purchase at
Get $18 worth of bags for $9 or $50 worth of bags for $22
They have some really cute Tote bags (like the one above), Grocery Bags, and lunch Bags!
I am a personal fan of tote bags. I even have them semi-organized hidden on the side of our couch! One has cloth diapers in it, one has library books, one is for church, and one is an every day diaper bag. Each is kept stocked with the different items I need for my role as mom. I used to use one bag for everything, but that was just a huge hassle everytime I tried to go out.
Reusable Bag Kit
You can use this deal to get this amazing Bag Kit for only $22! It comes with a tote bag, large woven bag, grocery bags, and produce bags. I just love it! So head on over to SaveMore to take advantage on these fabulous Reusable Bags!

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