Scary School by Derek the Ghost

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Title: Scary School
Author: Derek the Ghost
Grade level: 3 and up

Scary School is a fun book about a school for monsters and humans. There’s no other school like it. Either you go to a monster school or human school. Scary School mixes the two races causing quite the disruption for some monsters like Mr Wolfbark.  I was laughing right from the start of this book. Despite it sounding like a scary book, there’s much more laughter in this book than screams. Mrs T the Tyranosaurus Rex detention teacher wears a little blue dress just made me smile. Then there’s the students, Charles Nukid a human who follows every rule, Petunia who spawns some creepy little petunias without even knowing it, and of course the author Derek the Ghost.

Derek was a student at Scary School, but when a fire breaks out he dies. You can never really die at Scary School though, so Derek lives on as a Ghost. And thank goodness he did, or we wouldn’t have these stories about the goings on at Scary School! 

Overall I truly enjoyed this book. It’s really written for a young elementary school audience, and I’m guessing little boys will enjoy this much more than little girls.  I read a few chapters to the Princesses, and they seemed to enjoy it, but the pictures were much more interesting to them than the story. 

*I was provided with a copy of Scary School from the author Derek the Ghost for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

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