School Valentines Day Treats

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If your kids go to public school, you’re probably facing the same predicament as me – no home baked goods. It’s one of the things I always looked forward to when becoming a parent, and now I can’t do it.  Not that there’s anything wrong with store bought, there’s just something extra special about putting love into cupcakes and cookies while making them for your kids and their friends.

Tangent over. Princess V is in charge of bringing 21 treats to share for their Valentines party. Originally I was just going to buy some Valentine inspired cookies, but then a friend told me how she wrapped the juice boxes in Christmas paper for the Christmas party. I decided I could do more and put that extra touch of love into the Valentines treats, even though they were store bought.

I started with the cookies. Then some cellophane bags and twistie ties. To make it just a little extra special though, we added in the Owl Bookmarks from Living Locurto (check her out for more free Valentines printables).

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