Secrests Revealed: Modest Dresses for Little Girls

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I’m often asked where we buy modest dresses for our girls. With so many short short clothes, and dresses that are more like a shirt, it can be hard! We have a little secret, though, and I’m going to share it with you!

I’ve mentioned before how hard it is to find decent, modest, age appropriate clothing for little girls.  So many trends tend to be making everything as short as possible and showing as much skin as possible.  Although I don’t care for that trend on anyone, I especially have issues with it for small children.

Last spring Mark took Princess R out for a little special time. They came home excited to show me the new dress they bought her. I pulled it out of the bag and fell in love with the design pattern. Where did you find this gem, I wanted to know!

Then the confession.

It was actually a shirt. Size 6 to be precise. From the young girls section. Princess R at the time was only 2 years old. Now I really was impressed. I would never have thought to purchase a shirt many sizes too large, and use it as a dress. She’s almost 4 (now almost 6!) and it still fits beautifully! 

The fit was perfect. It has never looked like a shirt when she wears it. I could hand it to the older girls and see what it looks like as a shirt, but I would rather continue seeing it as a dress. I guess when she gets older it will eventually become a shirt, but for now, it’s the cutest dress she owns.

Out of all our girls dresses, this one gets by far the most compliments and questions on where we found it.

So….Now You Know!

Where do you find modest dresses for little girls?

19 thoughts on “Secrests Revealed: Modest Dresses for Little Girls

  1. Such a good idea! My daughter is only six months old and although modesty isn't really an issue with baby clothes (although, sometimes – baby bikinis, anyone? No thanks!), I'm still shocked by what is printed on some of the clothing that's sold in her size. I think this will only get worse as she gets older, so I'm glad to have this idea tucked in my back pocket!

  2. Love the dress and you are right so hard to find little girl clothing once they get to a certain age. I normally have my aunt make my daughter clothes because its just that hard. Stopping over from SITS

  3. That is the best idea ever!! My daughter is 10 and when we went school shopping last year, I was just disgusted with the choices. The dresses are too skimpy, the jeans are too tight and too low and they have flirty phrases on everything! I have my best luck at Goodwill or other second hand shops! I'll have to see if I can buy her some grownup shirts to wear as dresses first!!

  4. What a great idea. I purchased most of my daughter's dresses from Hanna Anderson. They are a bit pricey but I always bought them big and let her wear them two seasons so that helped.

  5. Oh goodness! I would have never thought to buy a bigger size shirt to make a dress! That is brilliant. I don't have a girl..just a boy right now but if I do have a daughter down the line this will be something I will remember.

  6. I do this w my 2 year old… When I hand down her sisters clothes they seem like dresses and she loves them! I do love her sweater.. I really want it in my size. Looks so comfy.

  7. I've struggled with finding pretty and modest clothing for my girls as well. It's been harder this year as my oldest started kindergarten and wants to wear what some of the other girls are wearing (not a chance!–and I can't believe what other moms let their girls wear!!). I've accidentally used the shirt as a dress trick, but mine haven't turned out as great as yours! #SITSBlogging

  8. That is fantastic! I would have never guessed that was a shirt. I am with you on the current style of clothes for little girls. It makes me endlessly sad and frustrated that clothing is meant to show off the bodies of girls that young. This is a perfect solution, and the pattern is awesome, I want a dress like that. Stopping by from #SITSBlogging.

  9. Wow ! Good idea,
    I do sew most of my girls dresses, its fun easy and can make what ever color or pattern i want, fancy or simple ones.
    ITs fun and easy,

    With shirts i sometimes pay double for a nice shirt.
    but its worth, we want our girls to grow up into nicely dresses woman,

  10. What a GREAT idea! Thank you so much for sharing this story. It can be difficult sometimes to find modest outfits for little girls AND women. Especially being in faith-based ministry, we have to adhere to specific standards. Pretty neat, I’ll have to try this.

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