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Today I’m feeling quite sentimental about books.  I can’t remember a time of my life that books weren’t a part of it.  Some of my very early childhood favorites were Cindy Czekeres Counting Book 1 to 10 (which I still own!), and Earrings.

From there it turned into my mom reading us chapter books like Little House On the Prairie
And my dad reading us The Chronicles of Prydain

So of course with my own children I have been reading to them.  I love finding new books, but also reading the classics.  Most nights I give the girls some books to look at in bed until they fall asleep.
This morning, I had to wake Princess C up for an early church meeting.  I sat on the edge of her bed, and oh my goodness! She had taken our Childrens Classic Peter Pan book to bed with her.

Of course I wouldn’t have minded except that she had torn about 20 pages out, and had them in a pile by her. I wanted to cry.  A classic, and there was no way to save it.  So I woke up Princess C, and tried very gently asking her why she tore out these pages.  In her own words
“I saw Peter Pan, and Wendy, and Tinkerbell”
Of course. I’d pull pages out of a book too, if I’d seen Peter Pan!  I couldn’t be mad at her, but from now on, she’ll only get board books at bedtime.
Now the question was what to do with the book.  I’ve seen these Book Wreaths all over the place and have really wanted one.  Of course there was no way I was ever going to tear up a perfectly good book just to make a wreath.  Turns out I didn’t need to.  Once we got home from church I browsed around for a good tutorial.  Besides, a great tutorial, I found a great new blog too!
Then on to making the wreath!

The book in it’s destroyed form :'(

I started out tracing my 2 plates, and then cutting them out.  The inner circle was a bit harder to cut out.

Then we started rolling the pages into cones.

Once they were rolled, I started gluing them on to the home made wreath. I should have placed them first, but I wasn’t thinking, so I had a lot of “holes”.  Thankfully a second layer covered that up!  I added a finishing touch, by gluing the book cover to the back, so we can see Peter and Wendy in the center.  Then I attached some ribbon, and hung it in Princess V’s room.

She’s really excited to have this in her room.

While I was over at Sit Relax and Read, I found she does a weekly link up called Sentimental Sunday.  I’ve been looking for some good topic to post about each week and was thrilled to find this link up.
Sit Relax and Read

6 thoughts on “Sentimental Sunday – Books

  1. You know that this makes me so happy!!!! Sorry you lost a book but think of the memories that were made at that table, so sweet. You my dear have the best book page wreath I have ever seen.

    I am so glad to have found you,
    Cha Cha

  2. I'm so happy your sent me here…loved the story and the memory you made. Nothing thrills me more than parents reading to their children and fostering a love of books in them. My grandchildren have learned that great granddad will read to them so when they are here the same time as my parents they bring him books to read.

    The wreath is a lovely idea and I think I'll make it from the book I used for my flowers. I've seen some of them, but never with a picture in the middle. I love how it ties it in to the wreath pages.

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