Sentimental Sunday – Family Fun

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This last week we had a lot of fun just finding fun things to do as a family that didn’t cost a lot of money. On Wednesday Princess V came home with a coupon for free ice cream at arctic circle. It was such an easy decision what we were going to do that night. I had a walmart gift card so we won’t and got some groceries and a new laundry basket for the master room. Mark and I grabbed a cheap candy bar and soda, then we took the girls out for ice cream. Princess V got her free cone, Princess R got a courtesy cone, and we paid $1 for Princess C’s cone. Cheap, fun and something I will always remember as a fun night out.

Thursday night Mark had a concert. He is the new community band director, and this was his first concert conducting. The princesses all did pretty well. I had to chase Princess R down the aisle a few times, but it is such a casual gathering it didn’t matter all that much (I will say this though, don’t let your kids play their gameboys at a concert with the volume all the way up. That’s just plain rude, no matter how casual the gathering is!).  Princess V fell asleep during the last song, sitting up in her chair. It was so cute. They had a great selection of songs – Phantom of the Opera, Wicked, and others.

Friday was UEA (Utah Educators Association). Mark took Princess C to Salt Lake and hit up the booths for some free goodies and candy.  Princess C won a dollar, and “got a tummy ache eating too much candy”.  Princess V, Princess R and I pulled out our halloween decorations and got them set up.

Saturday we all got up early and went to the church to clean. I like that we can give this service to keep our church buildings clean.  Everyone else was a little less thrilled with getting up so early.  After dance for Princess C and Mark got some school work done, we all headed outside. It has been so nice during the days here lately! We were able to get a lot of yardwork done. I’m almost ready to get the grass in our dirt spot, and I’ve been planning a better garden for next year. Mark has been getting our wood ready for the winter, and keeping up with lawn maintenance.

My man is so amazing! I sent him some plans for this really nice looking wood platform. So he took the idea, used what we already had and created our own!  Love him!

Yes that’s a lot of wood! It used to be the garden border before we tore it all up.

And of course he got lots of help stacking wood from the Princesses.
This last week brought back many memories of growing up. Cheap family outings, lots of nightly games, chopping wood and stacking it, and many memories of weeding.  I feel blessed to continue these good uplifting experiences with my children and a wonderful husband! 

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