Sentimental Sunday – letter to my oven

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Do you love to cook? I love to cook. Even in the hottest days of summer, I still love to turn the oven on and cook up something yummy.  Earlier this week, I got the Princess’ help in baking some banana bread. 5 hours after putting it in the oven, it still wasn’t cooked through. I couldn’t understand it. Why wasn’t my yummy bread baking?! Everyone said it must be the oven. I denied it, no way could my oven die on me. I checked, it was on. I even felt some heat from it. Probably not enough heat though. 
I decided today to give it another chance. I mean I really want to eat some baked golden potatoes with butter and salt and pepper with our dinner tonight. 

About 30 minutes ago I started preheating the oven. It’s still preheating. Good thing we have a grill, so I can just grill these potatoes up.  In fact it’s a good thing we have a lot of things to cook with
-3 of 4 burners get hot enough to boil water
– we have a grill
– a slow cooker
– a bread machine (mmm, fresh bread that doesn’t need the oven!)
Goodbye Oven. I don’t think we’ll be using again. Perhaps we’ll find a replacement part, but it looks like we’ll have to give you up. You were good to us these last 3 months. Thank you for the yummy meals!
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4 thoughts on “Sentimental Sunday – letter to my oven

  1. I have a similar stove. We bought it on Craigslist when our other one stopped working. Unfortunately one of the large burners does not work. The lady said it did when we bought it but we didn't check it and it didn't when we brought it home. Maybe something happened on the way.

    Those baked potatoes sound really good! 🙂

  2. How sad! I love my oven and will hate it when it dies. I hope if you have to get a new one that you find the perfect one for the perfect price. We found ours on Craigs List–Kitchen Aid convetion oven only 1 year old for dirt cheap just because someone wanted stainless–yay for my I wanted black anyway. I got a much nicer oven than I could have ever gotten new.

    Cha Cha

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