Sentimental Sunday – Naps

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Naps have never meant much to me. I don’t remember taking them as a child. I do remember having sick days, where my mom would have us lay down, and try to nap, but I never could. Something about knowing the sun was up, my body would not let me take naps. Now that I’ve become a mom, I love naps! Although my kids all gave up naps at a young age, Princess R is still taking them, but they are getting shorter. 
On Friday this week, during Princess R’s nap, I cuddled with the other two on the couch and read stories. After 3 short picture books I could not keep my eyes open much longer. See I’ve been trying to follow the advice in Proverbs 31, that a woman arise while it is still night to make meat for her household. I have been getting up at 4:30 all week.  Sadly, I’m not as good at going to bed early, and by friday it was catching up. So I asked the Princesses if it was ok if I took a nap. They happily obliged, and colored while still cuddling with me, while I dozed in and out.
Today, Princess R woke from her nap much earlier than normal, and quite unhappy. I asked Mark if he’d like to get her, because I know sometimes just seeing him Princess R will get very happy.  30 minutes later, I had not heard anything from her room, nor seen the pair. So I went to check on them. I found this

ok not a great picture. I was trying not to use a flash so they would not wake up. But what you might make out in the above picture, is Princess R wrapped in her favorite blanket, sound asleep on Mark who was also sound asleep in the recliner.  Awe, my heart melted!
I love the memories made when we take time to slow down and spend time, even if it’s napping, with our loved ones. These are memories to cherish.
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