Shave Well Fog Free Mirror {Review and Giveaway}

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Fathers Day is coming up and if you haven’t found that perfect gift yet, maybe look into this! The Shave Well Fog Free Shower Mirror is something every dad could use.  Nothing extravagant. In Mark’s words “It’s just a mirror”.  No bulky radio attached, or any other silly perks. “It’s just a mirror”.

The Shave Well Company has designed a simple slim mirror that will stay fog free, so your man can shave in the shower with ease. The mirror comes with a hook to hold the mirror, but Mark seems to prefer just holding it.

To keep the mirror fog free all you have to do is hold it under the shower water for a bit. Once the mirror is the same temperature as the air in the shower it will stay fog free. The simple science makes total sense. 
SW under shower spray

Mark’s previous mirror worked the same way but it would slowly start to fog up. The Shave well lasts most of the shower before it needs another run under the water, and really unless you have a lot of shaving to do you’ll only need to run it under once for your fog free experience.
Already have your fathers day gift?  This mirror is nice for women too, for any face cleansing they do in the shower.  I personally love that this mirror takes up so little space in our shower compared to our last bulky mirror/radio combo.

We had a funny experience with this mirror one morning. Since we don’t use the hook, we just prop it up against the shower wall when it’s not in use. Well one morning we went to grab it, and it had gotten pushed up against the wall, and somehow suctioned itself to the wall. We slid that thing all over the shower trying to get it loose, so we could use it.  I wondered to myself at the point if we should pull out the hook just for that purpose, but Mark still likes to leave off the hook. He says it has the kind of sticky back that is impossible to come off. Normally we wouldn’t mind, but since we may be moving soon, we’ve decided to leave it off the shower.

SW logo

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