She Couldn’t Breathe

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What a long weekend! I don’t remember what we did on Saturday.

Saturday night, however, is a night I will never forget.

I was struggling to sleep, and just starting to doze off, when Prince L (9 months) woke up. While I was settling him back down, Princess V (6) came running up the stairs – she had just thrown up all over her bed, with a little splattering onto Princess R’s blanket.  Mark is amazing with these things, and he got right up and cleaned her off, then took to stripping her bed and sisters, and getting her settled in on the couch with towels and a bowl. 

I was once again on the verge of dozing, possibly even halfway to dream land, when we hear her calling from the couch. Again, Mark got up and went to her, and I was gone to dreamland – trusting in his ability to care for her, and my need of sleep.

I was woken suddenly to “I need you. Mom I need you to come help. Quickly.”  Mark was calling. Weird I thought, but I jumped and ran to do whatever I could. What I faced that night, was something I never expected. Princess V was all cleaned up, but Princess C (4) was sitting on the bathroom floor, shaking, and coughing and struggling to breathe. I thought she was going to throw up, so I sat next to her and rubbed her back and held her hair out of her face. After a few attempts, I knew she didn’t need to. Something else was seriously wrong. I called for Mark to get me a blanket because she was shivering and shaking, I was hoping from the cold bathroom floor, but in hindsight I think it was that coupled with trying to get air into her body. Mark turned the shower on high heat, and then left to finish cleaning the couch.

I sat there rocking my girl on that bathroom floor wrapped in a blanket, looking into her eyes, listening to her struggle to breathe, and trying to understand what she was trying to tell me. My face was dripping with tears, because the worst fears were going through my head. We had never lived so far from a hospital, or even a late night urgent care. We are a good 20-30 minutes away. Plus we have 3 other kids, that would mean I or Mark would have to stay home if we went to the hospital, and when it comes to our kids in pain/sickness we both want to be right there with them.

As Princess C got one word out at a labored time, this is what she told me “it’s. my. black. hair.”
I almost laughed. Princess C has had beautiful blond hair since birth. Earlier that evening, while combing her hair, I found a solitary black hair. She had been distraught over this black hair on her “yellow” hair. I told her it was unique. My little 4 year old had decided that that black hair must be the problem.

Through all the commotion Princess R (3) woke up and began crying. Princess V, even though sick, was a big help and took her back to bed and laid with her until she fell asleep again, so we could take care of Princess C. 

Mark finished up the couch, and when he returned he was carrying Prince L again. Thankfully the steam worked, and Princess C was able to breathe a little better….by which I mean she could actually breathe without struggle…it was still labored. We exchanged children, and while I fed Prince L, Mark blessed Princess C.  For which I am ever grateful that he holds the priesthood and can bless our children when the need is there.

The rest of that night and Sunday night, I spent sleeping on the floor. Too worried that she would struggle for breath and I not know, I needed to be there next to her.

This morning I called our local doctor, who got us in before lunch. She has a cold. She will be fine (though a simple call will send a prescription out if needed). The kids are once again all in their own beds, with clean sheets and blankets. Before falling asleep though, all 4 began coughing at one point this evening. I feel the bug has spread.


But hey, I still managed to make a menu plan!  Everyone chose one meal, so we will all get a comforting meal this week.  It could all quickly turn into chicken noodle soup though.

Monday – hot dogs and corn
Tuesday – Lasagna
Wednesday – Chicken Cordon Bleu
Thursday – Gumbo and Rice Casserole
Friday – leftovers
Saturday – Bean and Cheese Quesadillas
Sunday – Pizza

And at some point this week, Princess C has requested a cake be made.

4 thoughts on “She Couldn’t Breathe

  1. Oh my! What an evening! You have been through the meat grinder this weekend. I hope things calm down soon. We are hearing all kinds of news of flu outbreaks and sickness all over the US. We are praying that everyone will be safe and well.

  2. Try to get some rest… what a nightmare. I've been there. It does get better as they get older. My son has had such a bad respiratory infection he is temporarily using an inhaler. So glad it isn't anything serious.

  3. I hate how things like that only come up late at night, on a weekend, when you feel so helpless. Glad she is doing better and I hope you caught up on sleep!

  4. How scary! It always happens on the weekend, doesn't it?! My oldest started to get a real bad ear infection while the blizzard of 2011 was raging in Chicago. Fun. Nothing you could do but pray. Glad you got to see your doctor. Hope the illness doesn't hang around too long.

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