She’s Real Fine … My 409

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Well I saved my pennies and I saved my dimes, For I knew there would be a time, When I would buy a brand new 409. – Beach Boys

Not what you were expecting, now was it?  You didn’t really think I got one of these did you?

Wouldn’t that be nice? (This was not an intentional Beach Boys quote…though you may start singing now).

No, my new best friend is 409 All-purpose cleaner.  I don’t understand why people will move out of a home, and leave a bunch of stuff behind, including dirt. If we ever purchase another home, I think I’ll need to request that it be cleaned before we move in. I mean I don’t mind general cleaning, but when I can’t put my dishes in the cupboard until I take yours out?  That’s going a little too far. It appeared many of the cupboards may have been closed for sometime too, based on he layer of dirt inside them.

I usually like to rely on good old vinegar and baking soda, or my green cleaners that I have. But since I didn’t know what the dirt was, how long it had been there, or any other scenario you can think of, I decided it was time for the big guns. I went and bought a bottle of good old reliable (Guys and Dolls...) 409.

The inside of my “new” kitchen cupboards reminded me of those really old yellowed photographs. With every wipe, my towel turned a similar yellow. Now I’m guessing it’s because of the yellow wallpaper they used to line the inside of the cupboards (and hoping too), but still, that’s just gross!

 When you move, do you clean your old house?
What’s your favorite deep down gunk cleaner?
And for your entertainment, I leave you with The Beach Boys singing 409

2 thoughts on “She’s Real Fine … My 409

  1. Usually I use a few drops of dishwashing soap for cleaning, but once a month I use Clorox Cleanup. I like the way it gets the dirt and germs that my regular soapy water doesn't reach.

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