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Children sharing a room Vs. Having their own room
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This has been on my mind for a bit now. I don’t remember how long ago it was now, but within the last year, we put Princess V (our oldest) in her own room. We felt it would make bedtime smoother. So far it has actually worked pretty well. The younger two girls still share their own room, and of course Prince L has his own room. I like the set up. When we first decided to put Princess V in her own room, Mark wanted to put one Princess C in her own room, and keep Princess V with Princess R. It was really a hard decision. We ended going with Princess V because as the oldest we can trust her to go to sleep on her own, while we help the others.
Why not Princess C? Because I know she would get scared frequently, and we would have to still help her fall asleep.
Why not Princess R? We’ve been there done that, and we still end up needing one adult in each room to keep the kids settled down and in bed.
So we went with Princess V, and really it has made for some better nights. Princess V can put herself to bed with a hug and kiss from us, then I can take care of getting Prince L in bed while Mark reads to the other 2 or sings to them with the ukulele.

What about sharing a room?  Personally I love the idea of kids sharing a room. I think it teaches them how to share a space, but still be their own person. I actually grew up sharing not only a room with my 2 sisters, but for awhile my sister just younger than me, and I shared a queen bed.  Eventually I got my own bed, and my younger 2 sisters shared the queen. It wasn’t until I was in high school and a senior that I actually got my own room. My very first room all to myself, was in the laundry room! There were some nights my mom had to do laundry late, and I just had to sleep with the dryer pounding away. I missed my sisters, but it also felt freeing to have my own room. I could keep the light on and read as long as I wanted without bothering anyone else. I could set an alarm and not worry it would wake anyone else. 

So should kids share a room, or have separate rooms? Why is this really on my mind right now? Well, as we look for a new job for Mark, we also have to look for a new house. Mark would love for all the kids to have their own room. I think they should share. It’s just good for them and creating a lasting bond as siblings. If we happen to buy a house with enough rooms for each to have their own, well I wouldn’t oppose it. Having a room to go to for quiet, and “alone time” as we call it, could be nice. The problem we’re running into right now though, is Princess V will often slam her door shut and yell at her sisters to get out of her room. I feel she has become too detached from her sisters, and she’s only 5! So even if we get a house with that many rooms, I may still have them share for awhile (and then I’ll get a craft room!), just for the sake of learning to bond and work things out.

I would really just love to have some awesome bunk beds like these too:

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4 thoughts on “Should kids share a room? – Think About It!

  1. I shared a room with my 2 other sisters and I shared a bed at one time also with a sister. I think having shared a room made me more flexible and accommodating as an adult. In college I shared a really small room with 2 other girls and I dealt with fine. It helps you keep your personal stuff to a minimum too.

  2. Well, sharing when they're small is great, but as they get into 8th or 9th grade, they need the privacy, esp. if the family is big (like mine was). I was in junior high when I got my own room, and it was great to have a quiet place I could go, even just to read a good book.

    One suggestion if you end up in the home you mentioned the other day, is to keep the sleeping arrangements as they are, and use the extra bedroom as a playroom, thus controlling the spread of toys to other areas of the home. If there's a family room, maybe certain toys would be allowed there, but the area would be more for games as the kids get older, and movie time. Just one more way to tame the clutter.

    Lastly, I think a lot depends on the kiddos. You know your kids, and it sounds like you've hit on something that works for you right now…in a couple of months/years, those needs could change, so decorate with accessories and nothing majorly expensivo at this point. ;o)

  3. hi i am heidie and i am 12 years old when i looked at these bunkbeds i was amazed at how they looked and the dezine that it had i almost cried to my mom that i wanted it for me and my sisiter and my little brother scince we only have 2 bedrooms and 6 people in my family we r going to share a room with my little brother i really love these beds and i hope i get it soon too during the summer!<3

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