Sick Kids with Vicks #BehindEar thermometer

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I had the most interesting weekend.

It began Thursday afternoon when Mark left for a 2 day Music Educators Conference. In the past we’ve packed up the kids and made it a family trip. With Princess V in school now, and the amazing school district seeing the conference benefits (read – they paid for the whole trip), it just wasn’t possible this year.  (Also sad, because my favorite Food Blogger, Baking with Blondie was there!)

After a very rough night trying to get 4 kids to bed on my lonesome, and taking care of a dog, I was pooped. Prince L then woke up in the night with a raging fever. I kid you not, it felt like putting a hot iron on my skin holding him. I popped out the Infant’s Tylenol, just hoping it would calm the fever and allow Prince L to sleep. Friday’s mail couldn’t have come at a better time, since it brought my new Vick’s Behind the Ear Thermometer. I was just having a discussion with another friend on how we didn’t trust our temporal thermometers anymore. They worked great until we put in new batteries, and then they just didn’t seem right. I’m hoping we don’t experience the same case here. So this beauty is pretty easy to use, as long as you get it in the right spot behind the ear. My favorite feature though, is the memory! It stores the last 8 temperatures you take, making it easy to keep track of your child’s temp. let’s face it, I have a really bad memory when it comes to numbers all close together.

So Poor kid had a mild fever, and by the afternoon, he couldn’t keep anything down, and was having a terrible time getting any rest. So basically a rough day. I knew I needed to approach bedtime differently this night for peace of mind. To my astonishment, the girls were extremely well behaved and after we sang a few songs together they all dropped off peacefully before 9pm. Bliss, I tell you!

The poor boy was still feverish through the day on Saturday, but was keeping food down at least. He just wasn’t eating as much either. His fever broke during the night Saturday, but Sunday he woke up with a rash. Dealing with this before, I self diagnosed him with Roseola. Gosh I hate this rash though.

It began just on his tummy, but this morning I found it has crept across his back, up his neck, across one cheek and is headed down his arms. But hey, the fever is gone, he’s eating and back to his very happy self.

On another note, I was also left with the dog for the first time on my own. Meaning I had to get him up and out first thing in the morning, feed him, and basically make sure he’s doing alright. Plus, Mark upgraded his 30 gallon fish tank to a 50 gallon tank, and added about 8 more fish. Friday morning comes along, I’ve let the dog out, fed the kids breakfast, and am finally getting myself ready before Kindergarten drop off, when the kids tell me Tank (the dog) has pooped in the baby’s room, and a fish has jumped out of the tank. A conversation on facebook led me to creating this poem for your enjoyment

By the time Mark made it home, 2 more fish had died (they did not commit suicide like the first), and Tank had once again pooped in the house. I think we’ve got things mostly back to normal now.  I sure hope the rest of you had an entertaining weekend, that did not include sick kids, poop or dead animals.

*I received a Vick’s Thermometer for free from Klout perks. I was under no obligation to mention them. All thoughts and opinions are 100% honest and my own.

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