Home Repairs Anyone Can Do

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I realized the other day that there are a lot of simple repairs I can do .  I usually wait for Mark to do them, but I don’t have to. I can actually be quite handy myself! When we first moved in, we had a picture continuously fall off the wall in the Princess’ bedroom.  We eventually took it down, but not before it killed the outlet cover. Well, we’ve lived here for almost 9 months now, and it has been this way for the most part.  Mark finally went out and bought a new cover. And then it just sat there.  Boy are we lazy or what? I actually got mad at myself for being so lazy the other day.  No more! I will no longer just leave these things for a later date!  Really this fix took all of 5 minutes.
And ta-da! Outlet is fixed, no longer dangerous, and I did it! And of course we can’t forget the child safety covers.  

2 thoughts on “Home Repairs Anyone Can Do

  1. I know how that goes. Amanda and I have been cleaning our room over the past week, and most of the mess has been made up of tiny things that would have taken only a few seconds or minutes to put away individually. Together (as I said) they've taken more like a whole week.

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