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Skillet Meal on the Grill #StartYourGrill #AmericanCraft #shop #cbias
Hopefully you’ve been reading this blog long enough to know that we love sausage recipes, and we love skillet meals. The one pan toss everything in easy clean up is my favorite meal, and it also serves up enough variety to fit every food group, as well as every taste bud in our house. 
With the warmer weather we’ve finally been experiencing (OK, minus today – who said it could snow in Utah at the end of April??), I’ve really been thinking about heading out to our grill. I’m no grill master by any means, but Mark’s mom sent us a new one for Christmas this year, and people…it’s BLUE! 
Are you done laughing?
Right, so colors normally wouldn’t have changed how I used something, but this pretty blue grill has been calling to me… or maybe it’s been my slowly growing expertise in cooking? I don’t know. I do know though, that I had this brilliant idea to make our normal skillet meal out on the grill this weekend and try some new Hillshire Farm Sausages as well. 
HIllshire Farms #AmericanCraft Sausage at Walmart #StartYourGrill #shop #cbias
I found the Hillshire Farm American Craft Sausages at Walmart. So many different flavors to choose from! We went with the garlic and onion for the kids, and Jalapeno Cheddar for the adults – which is turning into just me. How did I not know Mark doesn’t like Jalapenos? I’m pretty sure I have a selective memory at times – good thing he still loves my cooking. 
Grilled Hash - Corn on the cob, Sweet Potato, Onion Quarters #shop #StartYourGrill
Back to the Skillet Meal on the grill. Doesn’t this just look so yummy? I tossed a sliced sweet potato, quartered yellow onion, and corn in some olive oil, and then tossed them on the grill. I followed Our Best Bites directions for grilling corn (it’s ah-maze-ing!), and kept an eye on the onions and potatoes to keep them from burning or drying out. 
Once the Veggies were done I pulled them off the grill, and tossed on the sausage and some pineapple strips to make a nice side. Since neither of these take very long to grill up I chose to do them last. 
Hillshire Farms #AmericaCraft Sausage and Grilled Pineapple #StartYourGrill #shop #cbias
While the sausage and pineapple cooked up, I shut the grill lid to keep it warm, and turned my attention back to the veggies. The sweet potatoes and onion got sliced up to bite sized pieces, and I cut the corn off 2 of the cobs. Princess C loves corn on the cob, so I left one alone just for her. The veggies got tossed together in a bowl, and by that time the sausage and pineapple were hot and ready!
Grilled Sausage and Pineapple #AmericanCraft #StartYourGrill #shop #cbias
It was time to see if my idea of a skillet meal on the grill would turn out. Cutting the grilled sweet potatoes was a bit more difficult then a normal skillet meal, but I think it totally worked flavor wise! I knew the kids wouldn’t eat any of it if I put the veggies on their sausage, but separate, everyone got what they loved, and still had a delicious meal. The garlic and onion variety really gave a nice flavoring that I would normally add to our skillets.
Sweet Potato Hash on Hillshire Farms #AmericanCraft Sausage #StartYourGrill #shop #cbias
Next time I think I’ll take an actual skillet out to the grill with me for the potatoes and onions, but the corn for sure is going to stay on the cob to grill up. There was just so much yummy flavor here!  
PLUS, the potato and corn hash makes another wonderful skillet meal the next night!
Want to try Hillshire Farm #AmericanCraft Sausage? 
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6 thoughts on “Skillet on the Grill Recipes #StartYourGrill #shop

  1. We love sausage too… I come from a sausage manufacturing family. My grandmother used to make homemade sausage… so delicious. Great looking sandwiches you made. Pinned.

    1. I've tried it before without success, but this time, it was perfect! I think the key is not too high temps, and carefully watching so it doesn't dry out.

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