Slow Down {80 Bites Week 3}

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Well, it’s week 3 of my 80 Bites Diet Plan.  I’m really enjoying this plan. It’s easy for me to follow, I don’t have to give up my favorite foods, and I have actually seen the results!

Week 3 is the last week focused on quantity.  It supposedly takes 21 days to form a habit. I’m not sure anyone anticipated Thanksgiving in this quantity thing though….

Actually, I impressed myself. I did indulge in Thanksgiving feasting, but I know in years past, I’ve eaten way more than I did this last week.  I actually felt full, and made that decision to stop eating. I didn’t NEED a second serving potatoes and turkey, so I didn’t have one.

This last week of learning about the quantity of food we eat, 80 bites talked about my food, in the moment. Focusing on one bite at a time. Are you one of the many that think about their next bite while still chewing the first?  I noticed I was quite a bit. Not neccesarily consiously, but I’d have bite 2 on the fork before I had even swallowed, which led to swallowing before really having my food chewed properly.

So the lesson learned this week –  SLOW DOWN. Chew your food. Enjoy the flavors.

How Many Bites did you take?
aprox. 80-90

Feeling deprived?

Weight at beginning of diet?

Weight today?
Since I’m on vacation, and Thanksgiving was this week…I’m not weighing..

Are you still motivated?
Yes. I even brought my running clothes on vacation. I didn’t go running, but we did take a very long walk to the park, instead of driving.
Even better, Mark noticed, and asked if I had lost weight this week.

Week 3 Question: Are you a fast eater?
Sadly, yes. I will be working on putting my utensils down between bites, and really chewing my food properly.

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