So much Frozen!

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Did you pick up your copy of Frozen yesterday?  We got ours!  If you haven’t been able to tell yet, we’re a little Frozen crazy around here. 
For Princess C’s birthday I even sewed her Anna’s cape, double layers and all!  I still need to finish it, but she’s pretty much in love. They’re now asking me to make an Olaf costume – that should be fairly simple right?
I know we’re not the only ones in love with the Snow Queen and her quirky sister.  It’s about all I saw yesterday as everyone picked up a copy from the store or semi patiently waited for the mail.  I was pretty excited when Frozen won 2 Oscars – Original Song and Animated Feature Film. 
I’m sure you’ve all seen the many covers for Let It Go, the song that won the Oscar’s. My kids favorite is a fairly newer one with a guy singing it in a myriad of disney voices. My personal favorite is this one from The Piano Guys
Wasn’t that beautiful?  Yeah I thought so too.  
While waiting for Frozen to come out on DVD, we have had a lot of fun playing the Frozen Storybook Deluxe on the ipad. The kids especially love the ice puzzles!
 Even Prince L enjoys the app
Princess R’s birthday is coming  up, aso I’m pretty sure she’ll be getting some Frozen products. I think she’d really enjoy one of the many storybooks
Are you celebrating with Frozen this week?

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