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It’s a new year, and I’m switching things up with this weekly meme. When we began Think About It Thursday, I had some amazing co hosts, and we had a link party going on. It never really took off though. We were all getting burned out, and weren’t sure how to make it better. So we took some time off around the holidays.

This week I’ve been thinking about it again, and decided I would bring back Think About It Thursday, but as a sole blogger. No link party. Just a weekly meme for me to talk about some deeper topics. I found in my Top 10 posts from 2012, that the majority of you visited when I got a little deeper. So my hope is this brings you back each week to have an open discussion on different topics.

You may be wondering “but Adelina, how does that relate to the home?”  Well, let me sum it up for you with my new title –

Think About It Thursday

Social Impact on the Home

I’ll discuss different topics as they impact home life. How as a stay at home mom, the larger social issues still effect me.  I want to help change the stereotype that as a stay at home mom I don’t have an opinion, that I’m somehow less than my husband, or that outside of my little family nothing else matters. It does. The world around me matters greatly, because it is a world my kids will face as they go to school, make friends of different faiths and races, and enter the workforce.
I personally believe we should all take an active role in our communities, on a level that fits us. For some that means heading up the PTA, and planning events. For others it might just be silent support through voting on issues, and attending community events.
Some issues we discuss may be political in nature, others religious. Sometimes I might tell you about local events, or national events and how you can get involved. I may discuss different charities I support, and some I don’t.
Most of all, I want an open discussion with you my readers. I want to hear your thoughts and opinions. I want to know what’s important to you, and why you feel passionately about  it.

Tell me, what topics would you like to see on Thursdays?

What social impact do you feel in your home?

*I’m excited to be kicking off our new Think About It Thursday: Social Impact on the Home with Blogelina’s 20 Comments event. Welcome new readers – feel free to browse around, and let me know what you think!

20 thoughts on “Social Impact on the Home {Think About It}

  1. Hi Adelina,
    I think you picked some really great topics over the last year. As a stay at home I agree with all the things you said, especially about community involvement.
    I think a way that at home parents can maintain respect with those who work outside the home is to keep abreast of current events. I often find at a social gathering that the stay at homes have lost touch, it is easy to get absorbed with your family, cooking, crafting… but if you are going to be a voting citizen you need to read the news daily.

    1. That's interesting. Do you have any kind of Parent teacher involvement at all? I think it's so important for parents and teachers to work together in the schools. It really makes for ideal learning.

  2. We don't have a pta for my son's pre k. They basically have 2 moms that volunteered to help out. They don't make it seem welcome for you to join them. I'd love to hear about maybe how to find different programs in our hometown we could volunteer for.

  3. Since I'm a SAHM AND my kids are home schooled that definitely opens up a lot of can of worms for many people. Like you, I have many strong opinions. 🙂 I look forward to hearing yours on Thursdays.

  4. I was a SAHM homeschooling mother for years, and now I'm a single (working) mother of 6. Last year, as a single (working) mother, I homeschooled 2 of my children for 12 weeks.

    Speaking from my experience, it isn't a person's circumstances that keeps them "out of the loop." I think it's entirely up to the individual. I know people in the workforce who are completely out of touch in regards to politics, literature, technological advancements, etc. Personally, I'm not in the know when it comes to popular television shows. I'm not a TV person at all.

    The cultural influences I embrace have remained fairly constant over the years…regardless of my circumstances.

    I love your blogging idea and look forward to reading other posts. 🙂

  5. Your idea sounds amazing. I know many stay at home moms struggle with the stereotypes out there of what a stay at home mom does and who she is. I always joke that I sit around eating bon bons and watching soaps all day because honestly so many think that is what you do……even to a certain extent your loving significant other. This summer I had foot surgery and my hubby actually said to me– there is so much you do that I didn't even realize….until you weren't able to do these things. So even tackling the stereotypes would be great. I know a lot of women out there who get so frustrated as being portrayed as that bon bon eating, tv watching lazy mom!

  6. At my sons school we have an awesome PAC (parent advisory commitee) always has a huge turnout, large mix of different parents and they even have childcare right there on hand for all the meetings. I think it is a great way to get involved and even get to know the other parents in your community.

  7. Great idea.. I look forward to reading your posts. I was homeschooled from 2nd grade through high school, and I definitely have faced a lot of questions and stereotyping from people who are not familiar with homeschooling.

  8. Ya its funny how no one gets what a sahm really is. Like if we didnt do what we do they def notice but if do everything men walk in the house and ask what did you do today? Really???? Um, sat on my butt and did nothing while your two children took care of themselves. Haha wow….I havent joined PTA but I really need to my daughter is in K5 this year so I need to start this schooling off right. Just there are so many hours in the day and I have a one year old and you cant bring siblings to their school stuff usually so I have some sort of an excuse right? Well, I tell myself that anyways!

  9. That's interesting. I've been a SAHM for over a year now… (second time around btw) I don't think that I have ever been made to feel like I am second to my husband or that my opinion is not important- by anyone. My husband often tells me how my job is more difficult than his, and how he wouldn't want to do what I do. Maybe its different because he went though a period of unemployment for a few months due to cut backs at an old job, and has had to stay home with the kids, take care of running the house.

    I agree very strongly that people need to be active in their communities- I think we need to take responsibility for the community we live in and if we don't like it we need to take the time & effort to change it for the better. 🙂

  10. I guess I'm interested to hear how you limit social media in your kids' lives. My kids are the 'only ones' who don't have cell phones, and are not on facebook and so far it hasn't been too much of an issue. Texting to me seems like a handy way of keeping tabs on teenagers, but I'm just afraid of the bigger impacts of teens having phones.
    Happy to find other SAHMs…and looking forward to your deep thoughts. =)

  11. What a great idea! Blogging about deeper issues has been a great way for me to cement the lessons God has been teaching me.

    I'm interested in the pros/cons of social media in the home.

  12. I was a sahm for about 10 years and just went back to work at my daughters school. I never homeschooled so I didn't have that involvement with other moms, I think your idea will be great and will help other moms in the same situation.

  13. I think that alot of people really don't know what us SAH moms really do!! I am soo insanely busy most of the time that I really don't know how I would fit it in if I worked full time! I do want to go back to work (eventually-I'm a nurse), but there is so much I get to do and be a part of because of being at home!

  14. Growing up my mom was a SAHM and my brother and I really enjoyed it and learned a lot from her. She never let herself be placed in a stereotype. Unless you are a SHAM you won't really know all the work that you do that makes it a full time job.

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