Spider Earrings from Avon {Review and a Giveaway}

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Did you all know that Avon sells more than just makeup?  I didn’t!  I’ve known about Avon since I was a kid and one of our neighbors had a yard sign advertising it. When I asked my mom what Avon was, she told me they sell makeup. Since my mom never wore makeup, I never did either. So I had no need to look into Avon and what they sold. It just wasn’t for me.

Guess what I learned this month? Avon sells much much more than just makeup!  They’ve got Halloween items, clothes, shoes, jewelery, and of course makeup!  I seriously couldn’t believe it. 

My friend Kim recently started selling Avon, and she is the one who got me out of my “Avon only sells makeup” bubble. She graciously sent me a pair of the Spiderweb hoop earrings, and some of the brand new Super Drama Mascara.  Like I said, I don’t wear makeup, but sometimes I do. And when I do, it is mascara. I love the pop it gives my eyes, so date nights often get an application of mascara.

The Super Drama Mascara is awesome! It goes on smoothly, no clumps, and for me gives me just the right amount of touch up. I was worried it would be really thick, and too dark, but it wasn’t. Just see how my eyes pop? I love it No other makeup needed, but the right mascara can make a striking difference.

I am rocking these Spiderweb Hoop earrings! I wasn’t sure what to be for Halloween this year, but these earrings made my choice for me. Wednesday Adams! Now to find my black dress….

I do have a problem with the way the earrings sit on my ears. They either face backwards, or into my head. Maybe it’s just my ears, but I wish they faced more outwards, or were double sided.

To help Kim get her Avon business off the ground, she’s offering a giveaway right here on Home Maid Simple! 

The prize: 1 Super Drama Mascara in black (on sale for $5.99) and 2 Avon Naturals Kids Bath Finger Paints in Outgoing Orange and Wacky Watermelon (on sale for $2.99 each)
Rules: Enter on the Rafflecopter below. Open to US residents.

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