Sponsor Spotlight: PureAyre Odor Eliminator

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Have you heard of Pure Ayre? I love this product! It’s like febreeze, but better! Pure Ayre is your green solution to clean air. No more chemicals in your air, masking the smells. Pure Ayre was designed to break down odors and eliminate them. Who better to tell you all about though, then James Mitchell, creator of Pure Ayre Odor Eliminator. Here is a clip of James Mitchell just before going into the Shark Tank (ABC Channel)
Isn’t that amazing? Still not sure Pure Ayre works? Well, I’ve tried it, and I’m here to tell you I really love this stuff. We recently had a flood in our basement. Unfortunately, no one was able to come take a look at damage until a couple days had passed. What happens when wet carpet sits? It stinks! I mean mildew smell was permeating every corner of our basement. We turned on the fans, we lit a candle, and we turned on our rainmate with some essential oils in it. Then you know what I did? I grabbed my small bottle of Pure Ayre for Home and started spraying the basement. We gave it a bit of time, and then we were actually able to breathe while we ripped out that carpet. 
Now yes, I did use other items with the Pure Ayre, but we wanted to be sure to get that smell. The candle worked, as long as it was lit. The rainmate helped, but it was more of a mask. Pure Ayre, I’m positive took out the smell for good.  I’m not stopping there though! Just last night, my 3year old, Princess C, threw up all over the floor. She then proceeded to find a different spot, and go right back to sleep without alerting anyone to this stinky fact. 4 hours after the fact and she had climbed in bed with me. I got up to take her back to bed, and that’s when I caught wind of the stench. It was not good. This time I grabbed my bottle of Pure Ayre for Baby, and sprayed that whole room. I actually started with the carpet, and sprayed at the source of the smell. Then I gave the room a once over. Pure Ayre isn’t just for the air though! Oh no, Pure Ayre works on stains too! Don’t believe it? Just go check out this post, where I put it to the test!
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  1. I learned When you spray PureAyre in the air or on surfaces powerful enzymes break apart the molecular bonds of odor-causing compounds to eliminate both odors and harmful contaminants.

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  2. Something I learned : Eliminate odors in your home, car, boat, around pets and in commercial environments so you can breathe easier.

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  3. I learned that PureAyre is the only food-grade odor eliminator available, so that it is safe to use around food, family and pets with no harmful effects.
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