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A month ago Cha Cha sent me a Marriage Pillow to Review. I wrote about it HERE, and said I’d be reviewing it more this month.  So here I am, it’s been a month of having this beautiful pillow in my home, and I love it.
Cha Cha creates beautiful pillow covers with the intention of using them as you study scriptures.  I loved her commitment to Bible  Study, and since I have the same commitment in my life, it really fit well in my home.  
The first couple weeks in June I had the pillow on our couch in the front room. It’s colors matched perfectly with the decor in there.  The Princess’ absolutely loved cuddling up with the pillow as we had story time and Family Scripture Study each night before bed.  There is a really cute flower pinned to the pillow we received, and the Princess’ loved playing with it.  I was really concerned that they were going to rip it off, but they haven’t.  Even with all the pulling, and twisting that flower is on, and still looks nice.  This is a QUALITY made pillow case!  
The pillow has a well “hidden” pocket in the front that you can use to leave notes, bible verses that meant something to you, etc. After the few weeks on the couch, I hadn’t really used the pocket at all. So I decided to move it to our master bedroom.
It really added a nice touch of elegance to our room. It does make me want a new bedspread now though.  Anyways, so now that’s it’s been on our bed for awhile, I started using the pocket.  It’s much easier to leave Mark little love notes in the pillow, and know that he will get them.  The first night I put it here, Mark actually searched it for a note. I hadn’t thought that far in advance however, so it was empty. He was sad.  No worries though, I’ve made up for it, and he’s started receiving notes. It’s been a lot of fun for our marriage, to have a “secret” place to send love notes.
* I received a pillow for review purposes. All opinion are my own.

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  1. I love the Vintage Turquoise and Green Bible Memory and the Marriage Pillow with Aqua and Brown.

    mickeycoutts at yahoo dot com

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