Spring Cleaning the Car

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I admit it. This is what my van looked like yesterday morning, and for quite some time before that. Disgusting right?  I keep asking myself why I didn’t clean this sooner, and then I wonder how in the world we haven’t all been extremely sick. Riding around in a vehicle so extremely dirty, the kids putting toys and drinks in their cup-holders; it actually makes me almost sick thinking about it.

So when Mark needed to take the van to pick up some wood for our bathroom remodel, I made a decision. When he got back, I wouldn’t put the seats back in until I had the car clean. Really clean. It took a few hours, and a lot of 409 and Lysol, but I finished it. When I was done, I told Mark all I want for my birthday is the carpets and seats professionally shampooed. Not your normal birthday wish, but it’s mine.

When was the last time you really deep cleaned your car?
Family trips this summer will be so much nicer if you start with a clean car. 

2 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning the Car

  1. I have friends who've had their car's detailed. It is expensive to do but I couldn't believe how much newer their cars looked afterward. I never did it but I totally understand wanting to be in a clean car. When my kid's were little I didn't allow them to eat in the car. The smell of rotting goldfish made my stomach turn. People thought me cruel, but over snacking and not sitting down for meals is a bad habit to get into.

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