Spring Cleaning Day 2 – Living Spaces and Windows

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Welcome back for Day 2 in the Spring Cleaning Challenge!
Today we are headed to all the living spaces, and your windows. We’re going to get a lot done today.  The list is smaller, but the work is bigger.
Go ahead, print off today’s checklist. After you’re done, make sure to come back and enter the Spring Cleaning Giveaway.
I always like to start with something that can finish itself. By starting with all the drapes in the wash, they can get clean while you work on the rest of the list.
Pick Up and Put Away
Don’t just put stuff somewhere. Give it a place. If it doesn’t have a place, make one, or throw it out. This is the time to get rid of the junk that we let overtake our lives.
Wash Walls and Dust
At this point, make sure you’re getting up in the corners, and removing any cobwebs. I remember growing up, we had these really high vaulted ceilings. It was never until spring cleaning week that we’d even notice the cobwebs, but they were always there.
The best way to removed spiderwebs is with a broom. You can just use the broom as is, or attach a cloth to the bristles.
When dusting, don’t forget the light fixtures, and ceiling fans. This would be a great time to replace any burnt out light bulbs as well.
Wash Windows & Blinds
Blinds are the bane of my existence. We always end up with the flimsy little things that collect dust and fingerprints like crazy. I think a great way to clean them is with an old unmatched sock (you know you have some!). Put the sock on like a glove. Soak your sock gloved hand in hot soapy water, and with the blinds closed start rubbing it across.  After you finish one side, turn the blinds and do the other side.  
I’ve posted before on how I like to wash windows, but here you go again. Newspapers. They don’t leave streaks or little fuzzies behind.  I’ve also found brown packing paper to be effective. Don’t forget to head outside and get the other side of the windows.
Lastly, we get to the window tracks. These collect dirt and bugs pretty well too. I would start with using the hose on your vacuum. Suck out as much dirt as possible. Then go in with a rag, or toothbrush. Make them shine!  This right here, will completely change to mood in your whole house. No kidding. Something about cleaning the dirt out of those window tracks, just changes the outlook on the rest of the house.
Now that you’ve finished all the above ground jobs, take to the floor. Vacuum everywhere you would on a normal vacuuming day. Then move the furniture, and vacuum behind and under where it normally sits.
Before moving the couches back though, go through the cushions. Have a garbage bag nearby to toss away garbage. Use the hose on your vacuum and really get under those cushions clean. Then move the furniture back.
Now that you’ve finished the living spaces, and windows, you can enjoy sitting on clean furniture, and looking out fresh windows. Doesn’t it feel great?!

One thought on “Spring Cleaning Day 2 – Living Spaces and Windows”

  1. Don Aslet recommends getting 3 boxes. In one you place things to throw away – then throw it away. In the second box you place things to give away – (outgrown clothing, nic-nacks that don't fit your decor anymore, etc) – then you give it away. In the last box you place things that you don't use but can't live without (like grandma's trivet that is warped and unusable but you just can't let it go. This box is taped securely and placed in an out of the way spot. In 6 months if you haven't needed to get into that box, you get rid of it without opening it. Chances are you won't remember what you put inside and won't miss it.

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