Spring Cleaning Day 5 – Bathrooms

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You made it to Day 5!  Congrats!
Today our focus is solely on the bathrooms. I put these last, because I dread cleaning bathrooms. Give me anything to clean, but please not the bathroom. Fact of the matter is, they need the most deep cleaning.
Print off your checklist, then read on for my deep cleaning routine.
Gather Cleaning Supplies
You don’t want to be running back and forth to where ever you keep your cleaning supplies, so gather them up and take them to the bathroom with you. I love this carrier my mother in law bought me years ago. It keeps everything organized and is easy to carry around.
You’ll want to grab 4-5 cleaning rags. I find the worst part about cleaning the bathroom is the lack of ventilation, mixed with the different chemicals. You don’t want to mix your rags with different chemicals – it is dangerous! (I am truly hoping this isn’t the first you’ve been told that though).
As I’ve mentioned throughout the week, when Spring Cleaning, I go deep. It’s more than just a surface cleaner, so I do tend to use harsher chemicals this time of year. You don’t have to, you can still keep it green and safe. This is just what I prefer.
I use Comet on the bath, toilet, and sink. Windex on the mirror. Ammonia and hot water on the ceiling, walls, and floor.
Wet Bath and sink. Spray with cleaners
Spray down the bathtub/shower and sink area.  I find it’s easier to clean if the surface is slightly wet first. Once they are wet, I grab my Comet and sprinkle it over the sink, in the toilet bowl and in the shower. Let it sit for a couple minutes.
Scrub the bath/shower areas 
I like to start with the bath tub and shower since once they are done, they will stay clean. Jump in if you have to to get a good scrubbing.  An old toothbrush is also a handy tool for cleaning the grout. Don’t forget to clean the faucets as well.
Clean the Toilet
After the shower I rinse my rag out in the sink. Do not clean the sink yet!  Move onto the toilet. I personally find toilet brushes disgusting. Having kids that used them as toys did not help either. So I have gone back to the old fashioned way of hand scrubbing the toilet. I find it more effective as well. This would be a great time to invest in some rubber gloves. 
When cleaning the toilet, start with the outside. Wipe down the tank, and down the sides, right to the floor. Last clean inside the toilet bowl. Now that the toilet is done, you’ll want to switch rags.
Wipe down Ceiling and Walls 
Fill a bucket (or the sink) with steaming hot water. Add a capful of Ammonia. With a new rag, wipe down the ceiling and walls. Bathrooms are notorious for growing mold. Especially if there is a lack of ventilation. 
Clean Out Medicine Cabinet and wash Mirror
Pull everything out of the medicine cabinet. Using the ammonia water, wipe down the inside of the cabinet. As you put items back in, check expiration dates on medicine, and think about the last time you used it. A good rule of thumb – if you haven’t used a medication in the last 2 years, you’re probably safer to throw it out.
Once the cabinet is cleaned out, wash the Mirror. You can use a new rag for this, or grab some newspapers for a streak free cleaning. I use windex on the mirror, so once again – don’t mix rags!
Wash Sink and Vanity
I like to save the sink and vanity for last since I use it to rinse out my rags and wash my hands between cleaning products.  Go ahead and give it another spray/sprinkle of cleaning products if you’ve rinsed the first layer off with all the rinsing of rags and hands.
Clean out the under sink cabinet. Treat it the same as the medicine cabinet. Wash down shelves and drawers, and then put everything away – tossing out anything not being used, or expired.
Sweep and Mop
Finally, sweep and mop. I again use a bucket of hot water and ammonia, and a new rag. If you didn’t get it with the toilet, make sure you really get around the toilet edge. It can get pretty gross there.
You’re done!  Add a candle for a nice smell after all the chemicals, and enjoy using a clean bathroom.
We’ve had a great week Spring Cleaning!  Thanks to all who joined me. Remember is you’ve already done your spring cleaning this year, joined us this week, or are going to Spring Clean next week  – you can grab extra entries into the Affresh Giveaway.  It has been extended for another week, so there is still time!!!

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