Spring Cleaning – Guest Post from Trulie Scrumptious

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A big thanks to the fab sisters over at Trulie Scrumptious! I love their blog, and am thrilled they are letting me share their spring cleaning post. I think they’ve hit the nail on the head here! 
Enjoy the humor these sisters bring as you get ready to Spring Clean your home!

{Keep It Scrumptiously Simple!}
Spring Cleaning Edition!!  

It’s a good thing that we’re are encouraged to cleaning at least once a year right? 

 The time of year to sweep off the inches of dust from the winter and get ready to let the sunshine through those dirty windows.  

I know there are some of you out there that aren’t particularly fond of cleaning (myself included), but I’ll show you how to push the easy button on the [essential] things that need to get done in a breeze so you’ll have enough time to enjoy this coming Easter Sunday with your fams.

{I get to cheat a little since I’m spending Easter at my fams, but next week I’ll be beating my booty to get it done before the nice weather hits.  Promise.  My legs need to get some sun-remember?!! :}

 Don’t think you have to get it ALL done in one day.  Remember to K*I*S*S.  

As they say: Rome wasn’t cleaned in one day-or something like that… 
 Work towards getting one thing checked off your list and pat your self on the back and help yourself to a piece of chocolate {or two}.  Then repeat til it’s all DONE!
*Just don’t forget to put on your sweats, pull the hair up in a messy bun or slap on that hat that you never wear-but can’t seem to get rid of, bump up the radio and SING like your neighbors aren’t starting at you like you’re weird.
  You’ll be glad you did 🙂

[are a pain in the…] 
BUT we’ve simplified it.  
So go ahead and relieve this off your honey’s list and in return he just might cook you dinner 😉
1. Close all windows    2. Sweep debris and dirt with a broom    3. Rinse winders with Windex outdoor multi-surface concentrated cleaner attached to your hose ($10 at Wally (WalMart) or Targè (Target))  4. Click to Clean. Spray.  Give it 30 secs to soak.    5. Rinse spraying top to bottom   6. Take a bucket, fill it with H20 and a tich of dish soap inside (your house…)  7. Grab a rag and wipe out all the black gunk that coagulates in the tracks.    8. With another rag (microfiber works best), dunk and wring out and use it to clean the interior winders- outside corners to middle using circular motions (wax on, wax off)  9. Take a step back and admire your glorious glass 🙂 
Need to be done in my house.  Hello-I’ve got a smelly dog! 
Here’s what to do:
1. Scope out and determine what spots need to be cleaned.  The majority of the cleaning will be in high traffic areas (or right under an outlet where you spilled hot Scenty wax-grrr.).  2. Vacuum back and forth over the trouble spot for about 30 secs (You can do this for rugs as well).  3. Using a great carpet cleaner-Real Simple.com recommends LA’s Totally Awesome cleaner and degreaser ($3 on Amazon)- dunk on a wet rag and let it sit for 5 mins.   4. Blot with a dry rag working from the outside in. Repeat with new rag and really get there and blot applying pressure with your foot.  5. Dry spot with a hair dryer, portable heater, or bribe your kids to blow on it-juuust kidding 🙂  6. Open your sparklingly clean windows and shower your carpet with baking soda next time you vacuum to eliminate odors.  
I am down to one mattress in my house, so lucky me 🙂  But this is so easy peasy you’ll be done before snack time!
1.  Strip the bed and throw the mattress cover into the wash.  For stains-soak with OxyClean and cold water. Then wash with detergent on hot, adding 1 cup of white vinegar to freshen the wash.  2. Over the mattress, dump sprinkle your baking soda that you used for your carpets {be sure to save some to make some cookies later} -again taking out the smelly stuff.  And forget about it.  3. Take the mattress cover out of the wash and either hang it outside on the line or throw it in the dryer with two tennis balls.   4.  (My favorite part ;] )  Cover your bed with new sheets (Leave the baking soda on there, then vacuum it up next time you change sheets).  And if you so choose-slip some nice smelling dryers sheets under the mattress cover to give it that extra little somthin’ somthin’ while you sleep.  
The Couch (el sofá-if you speak spanish)
5-10 minutes per furniture piece.  Come on! Almost done!!
What you’ll need to start with is 1. an old sheet.  Spread it down and shower it with couch cushions-so you don’t ruin your new clean carpet :).     2. Obtain a dry cleaning sponge ($5, amazon.com) and give those cushions a good rub down.  3.  Roll a lint roller front, back, side to side.  Vacuum!  4. Scour the empty couch frame for gold, pirate booty, and treasure – I’m pretty sure you can find some.  One time, well after Christmas I found my sisters’ long lost mascara that Santa had brought her.  So DIG deep! 🙂  4. Vacuum! the frame.   4-1/2. Build a fort with the cushions before you put them back.  Just do it!- I won’t tell!  5. Replace cushions. Go crazy with the roller of the lint and….you’re DONE!

Now that wasn’t so hard, huh?
Now go spend the priate booty you found.  
OR put it in the “jar” —the cruise, rainy day, new car one. 

HOpPy CLeAnInG EvErYoNe!   

Reference: RealSimple.com 

Thanks Ashlie and Rozalynn for sharing. I hope you two are having lots of fun again this year!!

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