Spring Gardening: Time to Prep!

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I can’t believe I’m already thinking about my garden. I always thought I had to wait until the snow melted and it was more spring like to get started in the garden. Obviously, I’m pretty new to this gardening thing. Last year was our first gardening attempt, and we had minimal success with it.  I’ve been itching to get started since Christmas this year though.  Thanks to my awesome present from my parents – basket, tools, and tons of seeds – and the Craftsy Gardening class I’m taking.

When getting ready to garden, you want to start by deciding what you want to plant. For me, I’m going with the seeds my parents gave me –
~Sweet Peas
~Green Beans

These are all veggies I love, and know we’ll be using plenty of.  As I go, I may toss in some peppers and herbs to make our own salsa come harvest, but I have a little time to figure that out still. Right now I need to get my onions and tomatoes started indoors.  Thanks to pinterest I found this handy website that tells me when to start the seeds – SproutRobot – you just tell them your zip code and it does the work…er the easy work of giving you info, you still have to do the planting.

I don’t really have the money to invest into an indoor grow center, so I found some other great ideas to start my seeds indoors.  I’ve been fishing toilet paper tubes out of our bathroom trash all week, and trying to use all our eggs so I can have the cartons as well. 

toilet paper roll seed starters 6

What I love about both these ideas, besides being frugal, is that I can plant the “carton” with the seed, and not worry about disturbing the seeds. I’m pretty sure that’s how I killed my watermelon last year..although maybe watermelon shouldn’t be started inside either…

I purchased the Garden Fresh class from Craftsy (affiliate link) back in the fall, but just started watching the lessons.  Lesson 1 is over, and I feel very overwhelmed, but also extremely excited to get started. We have very clay like soil here in Utah, so I need to find a good top soil to till into it. I’m also really hoping a neighbor has a rototiller I can borrow – doing our garden space with a rake and pitch fork just doesn’t sound fun…It’s a huge space! 

This is going to be worth it though! Fresh vegetables every day, I can’t wait!

Are you putting in a Spring Garden?

3 thoughts on “Spring Gardening: Time to Prep!

  1. You've got the gardening bug. I make myself wait till after Christmas to start thinking garden thoughts, but it's hard. I prefer the toilet paper roll method over the egg carton method… just more room for the roots to grow. …and you are right, watermelons (and squash and cucumbers) hate for their roots to be disturbed. Tomatoes are much more friendly about it. 🙂

  2. I love gardening, and prepping for Spring always gets me excited. I have already planned out what I want to plant this spring, I have the seeds ready, and the egg cartons I’ll use as beds for the seeds. Thanks for all the handy information in this post, Adelina, it’s a really helpful checklist.

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