Sprouts Cooking School in Carmel, Indiana

sprouts cooking school in carmel, indiana

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I attended a bloggers night at Sprouts Cooking School for Kids. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Spring break is around the corner and not too far after that it’s summer! If you’re looking for a good activity for the kids in Carmel, Sprouts Cooking School for kids is a great place to look.

Sprouts Cooking School in Carmel, Indiana

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One of my favorite “chores” around the house is cooking good food. More than just doing it though, I love getting my kids involved in the kitchen too. Most of the kids love helping choose our meals, and then preparing them.

Sometimes we get so busy though, that I don’t take the time to really teach the kids how to cook. That’s where Sprouts comes in! As a gardener, I love the name they chose, but beyond that, they really make it quite an experience for kids from ages 3 to 13.

The first thing I noticed walking into Sprouts was the awesome wall decor! I kind of want to find something similar for my own kitchen wall now.

Sprouts Cooking School for Kids wall decor.

During our VIP night, I took the 2 oldest girls. I wanted to see what it would be like for their age group as I want them to be a little more helpful in the preparation of our meals. We learned how to marble fondant and then made fruit kebabs to balance out the sugar cookie. Some fairly easy things, but I learned a few tidbits in the process myself.

Learning to marble fondant

Well Rounded Learning

At Sprouts your kids won’t just learn how to cook, but they will learn about health and nutrition and the part food plays in that. The owner Stephanie has a degree in elementary education, but after her kids got into cooking with her and finding a lack of cooking schools for kids, she formed Sprouts!

While the kids worked on marbling their fondant, a few of Stephanie’s employees walked around answering the kids questions, and helping with anything they didn’t understand. Their smiles were welcoming, and attitudes patient as they helped all the kids. It’s exactly what a cooking school for kids should be like.

Fantastic employees at Sprouts Cooking School

At the end of the night my girls were pretty thrilled with their creations, and I had renewed desire to really get in the kitchen with the kids. We walked out with some adorable fruit kebabs, and sugar cookies topped with marble fondant.

More than that, though, is that my girls had a great night out with me. one even changed her tune from wanting a tablet for her birthday to asking for cooking classes. That’s a win in my book.

Cupids Arrow aka Fruit Kebab

Sprouts and Food Allergies?

On the top of my mind when I’m around food these days is always allergies. When our son was diagnosed a little over a year ago, I read labels like crazy, and question everyone that might give my kid food.

However, I want him to enjoy food and learn how to cook appropriate to his allergies as well. When I asked Stephanie how they handle kids with food allergies that want to come to Sprouts, I was pleased to learn they are a Peanut and Tree Nut facility.

Now my son also has peach and sesame allergies, so for that I would just have to note that when signing him up. Then Stephanie will take the time to go over all the ingredients used in the class, and make sure everything is safe for him. It’s Stephanie’s belief that food should be fun for everyone. For that I am truly grateful and impressed!

If you have a food allergy kiddo that loves cooking, Sprouts should be top of the list for summer camps.

Sugar Cookies with marbled fondant

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