Star Wars Activities

Star Wars Activity Sheets

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No Spoilers here – just good old round up of Star Wars inspired fun to round out your year. Mark and I got to see the new movie for date night last week. It was awesome, because it’s the first date we’d had in 4.5 months and was a movie we were both excited to see. 


First date in 4 months – totally worth the wait #starwars #datenight #movies

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It was magical I tell you, absolutely magical! Han and Leia back on the big screen..OK I’m not saying anymore. Has anyone else seen it? Venice is a bit dissappointed we didn’t take her along, as she’s our Star Wars nut. Maybe one day next week we’ll grab a 2nd showing. 

Star Wars Activity Sheets

While she waits though, I’ll print out this Star Wars The Force Awakens Activity PacketIt will give the kids something new to do, and of course keep their excitement up until we let them see the new movie. Who knows, maybe we’ll have a Star Wars day while their home from school and whip up some of these other fun activities. 

Star Wars Princess Leia Cupcakes

I mean how awesome are these Princess Leia Cupcakes from Paintbrushese and Popsicles? They’d be the perfect treat to have while cutting out these Star Wars themed Snowflakes or Christmas Ornaments

I’m still looking around for ideas for Venice’s personal space we’re creating in her room, but I think I just hit on a theme! While we probably can’t pull off the Star Wars Shelf and Hyperspace Wall from Her Tool Belt in our rental, adding little touches like the R2-D2 Pencil can from Crafts by Amanda and this Lighted Canvas Art Print from The Casual Craftlete

DIY Star Wars Canvas Art  

Are you doing any fun Star Wars activities this week? Which movie is your favorite?

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