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In 2 months the ghosts and goblins, Princesses and Knights will be roaming the streets looking for candy. Are you ready for Halloween? Usually I like to wait until October 1st to even think about decorating and finding costumes for the kids, but this year my mind has been ahead. 

Princess V has a birthday coming up the end of September, and lately she has been obsessed with Star Wars. Before our move we borrowed the original trilogy from a friend, and had a Star Wars marathon. What I wasn’t prepared for though, was her particular attachment to Darth Vader. 
With her birthday coming up, and Halloween a short month after I thought maybe a new dress up is what she needed. While browsing Costume Discounters new arrivals, I found it – a simple Darth Vader cape and mask in their new arrivals. It also comes with a sound box so she can actually sound like Vader. 
All the kids were excited to find a new costume added to their dress up box, but Princess V was most definitely thrilled. Perhaps her attachment to Vader is because they both start with the letter V? Or maybe being the oldest child she has a hunger for power. I’ll probably never figure it out, but I couldn’t be happier with the joy a simple black cape and mask brought to our house. 

What will you be dressing up as this year?

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