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Let’s be honest here, we all have stinky clothes. Some are just your everyday wear smell, but others can get real stinky. Especially if you have kids.  
Recently our biggest stinky problem has been Princess R’s clothes. For the most part she is potty trained, but some days she doesn’t quite make it, or she slightly misses the toilet and gets the back of her pants, or she just plain doesn’t want to go in the potty and would rather change and hide her clothes than go.  It’s the life of a 3 year old after all. 
To help combat the stench that started taking over the Princess’ room I decided to try some Purex fabric softener dryer sheets. They smell coming from the box is quite strong, and I was sure it would overpower the other smell. I started by adding one Dryer sheet to Princess R’s clothes drawers, since that is where she likes to hide her dirty clothes the most. I mean Come on Now, child! Those other clothes are clean!!  
My next step will be adding them to the kids laundry baskets as well. I do laundry almost daily, but sometimes it’s closer to 2-3 days before I get through all the kids clothes, and by that point the clothes on bottom are really starting to stink. The fabric softener sheets will really help solve this problem.
If you’re planning any last minute summer vacations, I would also take a box of dryer sheets. Just toss it in your suitcase and on your way home, when your pulling dirty clothes with you, a nicer smell will greet your nose back at home. Hold the applause, you can thank me later. But seriously now, I don’t do laundry on vacation, and neither should you. Just take some dryer sheets. 
In the past I’ve never really liked to use Dryer sheets in our laundry. I like my clothes smelling fresh all on their own, not scented unnaturally. But then I had another stinky problem – I buy unscented detergent, and the last brand we purchased I’m not a fan of. Our clothes leave the wash still smelling odd, as if they didn’t really get clean. I could have just changed back to my preferred Tide Free and Clear, but I can’t waste detergent. 
I was really worried the Purex dryer sheets would leave too much of a scent on our clothes though, and cause some skin irritation. So far, after a few weeks of use, we are still doing great. The clothes come out with just a light hint of Lavender, and all our sensitive skins have been just fine. Hooray!  
Another plus, is that it has reduced static cling to zilch, a feature I know Mark truly appreciates with all his button up shirts. It’s made folding the clothes a lot easier as well. 
Purex has provided me with 3 coupons for a FREE box of Purex Fabric Softener Dryer Sheets. 
All you have to do is enter on the Rafflecopter below. 
Giveaway is open to US residents only. All entries will be verified.
*I received product from Purex for my honest review. All clean clothes, admissions, and opinions are my own*

9 thoughts on “Stinky Clothes Solution #Giveaway

  1. of course in the dryer, or on my granddaughters hair when she is full of static electricity and I always put one in my empty luggage and it keeps the luggage fresh smelling.

  2. Adelina, I got tickled when I saw this post about "stinky clothes solution". I recently found an old book of household tips from pioneer days (mid to late 1800s), and here was their solution for stinky clothes:

    "Clothes which have a bad odor may be wrapped up and buried for a day or two in the ground to remove the odor".

    I think I much prefer Purex fabric sheets. 😉

    Love, Joy

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