The Stockings Were Hung – DIY Cardstock Chimney

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When you live in an apartment, or even a home for that matter, without a chimney – it’s pretty simple to DIY it for the holidays. 
We have lots of little kids, but back when we only had three girls – all under 4 – it seemed important to have a place for Santa Claus to get inside. Thanks to popular rhymes and stories, Santa NEEDS a chimney. 
This DIY Cardstock Chimney is so easy, anyone could come up with it on their own. This is more to show you how we brought the magic of Christmas alive, despite our modest living conditions at the times.
Our 2010 cardstock Chimney
A little card stock, marker, and creativity can go a long way!
What you’ll need for your DIY Cardstock Chimney:
Cardstock – red, orange, yellow, black
Black permanent marker
On the red cardstock, draw lines to create bricks. Tape the Black Cardstock to your wall. Fit read brick cardstock around the black.
Cut flames out of orange and yellow cardstock. Attach to the black. 
Hang your stockings with care and wait for St Nicholas to appear. 
The tradition has lived on, and in 2018 Rosalina took it upon herself to turn our Piano into the chimney.She even included the logs and a few presents on the side. 
Modest homes can still have Christmas magic with a DIY cardstock chimney. Our 2018 DIY chimney was made by 7-year-old Rosalina.

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