Stop Moldy Toilets

Stop Moldy Toilets

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Suffering with moldy toilets? Suffer no longer, because I just found the best product to use, and I’m sharing my knowledge with you.
  Stop Moldy Toilets
About a week after moving into our rental, I noticed mold was starting to grow inside the toilet bowl. I grabbed the scrub brush and tried to clean it out. For the next couple days, I found myself scrubbing that toilet bowl. It was so gross! It didn’t matter how often I scrubbed it, the mold was growing faster than I could keep up with.
One morning, I woke up and told Mark I was going to get that toilet cleaned by the end of the day no matter what it took. Turns out, he had the same thought (yes I have an awesome husband).
Mark’s solution was a bit more educational than mine. He deduced that there must be something like calcium deposits in our toilet. So he grabbed Lime-A-Way and poured it into the toilet tank.  That way, every time we flushed, we’d get a coating of Lime-A-Way in the bowl. 

Ok I thought, that might work, however, I still needed to scrub the new layer of mold off. I took my trusty Comet, and scrub brush, and headed to the bathroom. The Lime-A-Way had already been at work! One coating of Comet and the mold came right off.

I kept my eye on the toilet the next couple days, waiting for the mold to come back, but it never did!! 

Thank you Lime-A-Way!! 

Two weeks later, a small patch of mold was returning, so I added a couple more squirts of Lime-A-Way to the tank, scrubbed the inside of the bowl, and our toilet was clean again.

Stop Moldy Toilets

If you are having a mold problem as bad as mine, I suggest calling a plumber as well as using the Lime-A-Way and Comet. There is very possibly something else going on to cause such a large mold build up. Since we were renting, we chose to stick with cleaning it ourselves until the landlord chose to hire a professional.


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  1. I live in an old house and we even get mold growing on the walls when it is damp. Bleach seems to be the only way I've found effective to totally kill mold spores. There are bleach tablets you can put in the toilet that will keep the mold from coming back. Sorry to hear yet another annoying thing about your rental.

  2. Same problem here, but I didn’t try the Lime-A-Way. You know, I have to experience a moldy toilet bowl every day and I just got sucked about that. I was looking for a permanent solution and I think this will work for me as well. Thanks for sharing…

  3. Thanks for the information on how to stop moldy toilets. I’ve noticed some mildew and mold in my shower and want to get it cleaned as quickly as possible. By the way, I want to clean my bathroom mold from tile and grout. So how can I do it?

  4. Thanks for the details on how to prevent moldy lavatories. I’ve found some mold and mildew in my shower area and want to understand it cleaned immediately. Again thanks for fantastic article along with sharing !!

  5. You can use the extractor fan get out the bad smell in the window. We use bathroom sprays/ air fresheners, lime- A- a way which I recently learned that some, if not most employ carcinogens and other chemicals which are very harmful. So I’d rather now invest in good ventilation system than rely on bathroom cleaner.

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  7. Hi Adelina..!!
    Thanks for the details on how to save you moldy bathrooms. I have to located some mildew and mold in my shower location and need to apprehend it wiped clean at once.
    Again thanks for this splendid article

  8. Controlling humidity in the rest room and move slowly space can assist decrease mold and dust mite levels. Would greater blogs on controlling dust and moisture in different components of the house be beneficial

  9. Very helpful and informative reading for me customize the toilets. Thank you for sharing this article.
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    1. For me to personalise the toilets, this was a really beneficial and instructive reading. Thank you for bringing this storey to our attention.
      Thank you a lot.
      You brightened my day.

  10. This was such a simple fix and worked perfectly. Thank you for posting. It had been a real source of frustration for months but after one treatment (several weeks ago) commode looks brand new

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  13. Thanks for the details on how to prevent moldy lavatories. I’ve found some mold and mildew in my shower area and want to understand it cleaned immediately. Again thanks for fantastic article along with sharing !!

  14. I was searching this exact information about mouldy toilets, Really glad to find this useful information. Thanks for sharing. Keep up the good work!!!

  15. I’ve found some mold and mildew in my shower area and want to understand it cleaned immediately. You are amazing. keep updating us.
    Thank you so much.

  16. I have a wooden closet across from the bathroom. Thanks for this vid because it was kicking my butt trying to understand why the towels and sheets in the closet were moldy. Will this “RMR” work with wood too?

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  20. The first is to clean up growing mold with bleach, vinegar, or hydrogen peroxide. These cleaners effectively kill mold. A spray bottle is an effective way to treat larger areas; you can use a small brush or cloth to apply it to smaller spots like corners and angles.

  21. Moldy toilets can be a persistent and unhygienic problem. To prevent mold growth, regularly clean your toilet with a mild bleach solution or vinegar. Ensure proper ventilation in the bathroom and keep the toilet area dry. Regularly inspect for leaks and fix them promptly. Consider using mold-resistant toilet bowl cleaners and always flush with the lid down.

  22. Bid farewell to mold troubles with our comprehensive guide on preventing moldy toilets. From ventilation tricks to cleaning routines, these strategies keep your bathroom fresh and mold-free. Just like a vigilant “Mold Prevention Bot” might remind, “Are you mold? Because these tips are determined to keep you out of my toilet space!” Embrace these practices to maintain a hygienic and inviting bathroom environment for a more comfortable daily routine.

  23. Bid farewell to the annoyance of moldy toilets with our comprehensive guide. Learn proven techniques, cleaning routines, and maintenance tips to ensure your bathroom remains fresh and mold-free. Just like a vigilant “Mold Prevention Bot” might remind, “Is mold an uninvited guest? Let’s show it the door and keep our toilets clean and mold-free!” Embrace these practices to maintain a hygienic and inviting bathroom environment for a more comfortable daily routine.

  24. Stop Moldy Toilets” is a game-changing solution for maintaining a clean and hygienic bathroom. This innovative approach tackles a common issue head-on, ensuring that your restroom stays fresh and mold-free. Bid farewell to the frustrations of constant cleaning and embrace a more sanitary environment with this effective solution. Say goodbye to mold and hello to a pristine, worry-free toilet experience.

  25. Stop Moldy Toilets” is a revolutionary solution that tackles a common bathroom woe head-on. With its innovative approach, this product brings an end to the persistent battle against mold in toilets. Say goodbye to the hassle of constant cleaning and hello to a fresh and hygienic bathroom environment. Transform your toilet maintenance routine with this game-changing solution and enjoy a mold-free, worry-free experience.

  26. Preventing moldy toilets is essential for a clean and hygienic bathroom. To combat this issue, ensure proper ventilation and keep
    the bathroom dry by using exhaust fans or opening windows. Regularly clean the toilet with mold-fighting cleaners and dry it thoroughly after each use. Mold thrives in damp conditions, so maintaining a dry environment is key to stop mold from growing in your toilet and bathroom.

  27. To prevent mold in toilets, maintain a clean and dry environment. Regularly clean the toilet bowl, tank, and surrounding areas with a disinfectant to inhibit mold growth. Ensure proper ventilation in the bathroom by using exhaust fans or opening windows to reduce moisture. Fix any leaks promptly, as persistent moisture promotes mold. Additionally, consider using mold-resistant paint in the bathroom to create a less hospitable environment for mold spores.

  28. To prevent mold in toilets, regularly clean and disinfect the bowl and surrounding areas using a mold-killing cleaner. Ensure proper ventilation in the bathroom by using exhaust fans or opening windows to reduce humidity. Fix any leaks promptly, as moisture promotes mold growth. Consider using mold-resistant products, such as toilet bowl tablets or liners. Additionally, keep the bathroom well-lit, as sunlight helps inhibit mold development.
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