Stress Free Holidays? {Think About It}

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What are Your Biggest Challenges with the Holidays?

For me, holidays aren’t really challenging. I mean, I guess they could become challenging, if we had more family nearby, and had to figure out a bunch of schedules, and make sure we didn’t accidentally offend someone, or forget something, or leave anyone out.  
Fact of the matter here though, we keep it simple. I think our biggest challenge will be getting enough snow (which we obviously have no control over), an finding a good enough hill to take the kids sledding.

Are you looking at me funny now?
Let me tell you why that is my biggest challenge – because holidays, for me, are about spending time with family. It’s not about the toys, the gifts, the perfect party. It’s about spending quality time with my husband, kids and extended family – making memories that will last, and be imprinted forever in their minds. 
Will they remember whether I got them that special doll years down the road? probably not.
Will they remember if I was stressed, and couldn’t play with them, because I was too worried about things being perfect? Most likely yes
Will they remember me telling them no to certain toys, because it was too expensive? probably not.
Will they remember sledding, building a snowman, throwing snowballs at Daddy, and snuggling up with Hot Cocoa and a Christmas story?  I sure hope so!
This year, I’m casting off the worry of finding the perfect gift and replacing it with the ultimate gift – Time Spent Together.
I’m leaving behind the worry that things might not look perfect, or run as smoothly as planned in favor of enjoying the moments of smiles and laughter with my kids.
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